Why are there no pictures on Berghain?

It is well known that photos are not allowed in Berghain. The club has even gotten rid of all mirrors and reflective surfaces as well. Upon entrance in the club your phones cameras will be covered with stickers, so do not think about taking them off. If you do and get caught taking a photo be prepared to be kicked out.

Has anyone ever died in Berghain?

A Death in Berlin Deafening Silence After Overdose at Berghain. During an around-the-world trip last summer, a couple from California visited Berlin’s legendary Berghain techno club. A few hours later, one of them was dead. Even today, no one seems willing to accept responsibility for the tragedy.

Is it really that hard to get into Berghain?

While there are certain things that will help you get into the club, the one reason why Berghain is so hard to get into is the culture surrounding it. This history and status within Berlin is the driving force behind the club’s difficult door policy and the main reason why Berghain is so hard to get into.

Has Berghain closed?

Berlin nightclub Berghain reopens as art space Closed due to the coronavirus, the storied club now opens for art lovers, with 115 Berlin-based artists, including Olafur Eliasson and Katharina Grosse, on show.

Can you enter Berghain?

Berghain is super exclusive, and getting in can be difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to try to improve your chances. Try going on a late Saturday night or an early Sunday morning, when there are likely to be fewer people in line.

Can you go to Berghain alone?

Going to Berghain alone is fine—you’ll meet people, you’ll have fun, you’ll dance, and it’ll be awesome. But there’s no doubt that you’ll get bored more quickly unless you’ve got a friend to keep you company, and to pressure you to stay another hour when you really want to go home.

What really goes on in Berghain?

Once inside, you are free to let yourself go, and to enter a world where indulgence and self-expression are king. Berghain is infamously a sexually driven environment, and the lower levels of the nightclub still feature ‘dark rooms’, where club-goers are free to engage in sexual activity with others.

Is berghain legal?

11. Berghain is legally allowed to pay a lower rate of tax to the state than might normally be expected, after a 2016 ruling from the Berlin-Brandenburg fiscal court classed the club not merely as an ‘entertainment’ venue, but instead as an institution that produces work of significant cultural value.

Is Berghain legal?

How expensive is Berghain?

Berghain is located in a former East German Power Station. How much is cover charge at Berghain? Berghain cover charge varies but is usually around 20 USD.

How should I dress for Berghain?

Many people attest that to get into Berghain you have to wear black. In fact, while Berlin black is recommended, having your own personal style will probably work in your favour when you’re at the front of the Berghain queue.

How expensive is berghain?

Is there a no photo policy at Berghain?

Berghain’s door policy might seem strict, but it’s nothing compared to the strict no photo or video policy once you enter. If you manage to pass through the maze of bouncers at its entrance, you will be met with a rigorous bag search and people taping stickers over your phone’s camera. Why?

Who are the people that go to Berghain?

In Vincent Voignier and Barbara Bernardi’s documentary series Nachtgestalten, which translates to “creatures of the night”, the duo document various people as they exit the esteemed techno mecca of Berghain.

What kind of photos are at Berghain Berlin?

Here are a number of portraits showing how diverse and original the Berlin club culture and its protagonists are… Sometimes weariness produces a peculiar beauty; Cool, sluggish casualness or lostness. For the viewer, the images condense a moment: the feeling when one enters the glimmering sunlight with heavy eyelids and whistles in the morning.”

When to wait in line for Berghain nightclub?

Wait in line several hours before the nightclub opens at midnight to beat the crowd and longer lines. If you wait in line before the night club gets crowded, the bouncers may judge you less harshly in comparison to later at night.