Are you a scary movie fan? If yes then you must enjoy watching bloodshed, darkness, demons, haunted houses, etc. The jump scares are a big highlight of horror films and if you are a fan, well you must be used to those nerve-wracking scares.

Watching such films in the cinema is a huge task. So only go to the cinema if you have a big, brave heart. Being fond of horror films isn’t a bad thing, however, we would advise you to not watch them alone. Then how can one enjoy these films? The answer is simple. Plan a movie night, invite all your friends or cousins over to your place, order some nice scrumptious pizzas, sodas, and popcorn, and you will be good to go.


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To make things simpler for you, we have enlisted the top six scary movies that you must definitely enjoy with your friends on a movie night. So put on your reading glasses and keep reading.

  1. Alone

This film was released in 2020 and received a lot of praise from across the globe. The director of this movie is John Hyams and he did an incredible job of capturing all the moments perfectly, giving it a nice real-life effect. The leading woman in this film is Jules Willcox. She plays the character of a young girl who tries her best to run away from a homicidal stalker played by Marc Menchaca. In short, Alone is a nice, thrilling movie that runs shivers down your spine.

  1. Audition

This creepy Japanese film revolves around a widower who plans to start seeing people again. She feels like her life is super dull and lonely and maybe dating will bring back all the colors in her life. Helped by a filmmaker friend, the widower makes use of auditions for a forged production to operate as a dating service.

  1. Rosemary’s Baby

This intense movie is about a young wife who starts to think that her baby does not belong in this world. Rosemary and her husband who is a struggling actor shift to a new apartment building with a menacing influence and strange neighbors called Roman and Minnie. Rosemary isolates herself from the world as soon as she learns that she is pregnant and the devilish truth is disclosed only after she gives birth to a child.

  1. Halloween

As the name suggests, this 1963 movie revolves around Halloween night. On a foggy Halloween night, a little child named Michael barbarously killed his teenage sister named Judith. Due to this grim act, he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

However, exactly a decade later on October 30, while being taken out for a court hearing, this young adult smartly steals a car and succeeds in escaping the prison. He then goes back to his old, serene neighborhood in Illinois and starts probing for his next victims.

  1. Dawn of the Dead

This very scary film will surely give you all the chills so we would recommend you to watch this with your friends and family. You will get to watch all sorts of disturbing images in this film that will make shivers run down your spine. The movie begins with Ana’s husband being attacked by a creepy, zombified neighbor. Ana tries her best to escape; however, as she steps out in the streets, she notices that the entire neighborhood is hit by a zombie apocalypse.

She gets confused and feels like the world is about to end. However, she takes a deep breath when she finds a police officer who is in search of all those people who have survived. Ana happily joins his small group that heads to the local grocery shop as a rampart of safety.

  1. The Things

This movie is set in abandoned Antarctica. This movie shows a group of research scientists who are interrupted at their camp by a strange helicopter shooting at a toboggan dog. They decide to take in the injured dog; however, it tries to brutally attack them.

The scientists get petrified and they discover that this dog is actually a giant beast that cunningly takes the shape of its victims. When things start to seem hopeless, a brave helicopter pilot and one of the camp doctors step forward in order to lead the group in this scary, desperate, grim battle against the barbarous beast who is all set to kill them all.

Final words

Scary movies are fun and disturbing all at the same time. However, they really keep us glued to our screens and make our nightmares a bit interesting. We have done a little research for you and have tried our best to include all those movies that have an interesting storyline. We hope that you will watch all the scary movies we have enlisted in this article. However, don’t watch them alone, plan a movie night with your besties and enjoy your weekends to the fullest. Have fun!