What is the oldest newspaper in Ontario?

the Upper Canada Gazette
While operating the press from Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake), Roy established the first newspaper in what is now Ontario: the Upper Canada Gazette, or American Oracle. Its first edition, published on 18 April 1793, was an official government gazette.

What is Canada’s oldest newspaper?

the Halifax Gazette
On 23 March 1752, the history of printing began in Canada. On that Monday, from a small print shop on Grafton Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, John Bushell sold copies of the Halifax Gazette — Canada’s first newspaper.

Where can I read old newspapers for free?

Guides to Online Free Newspapers

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Where does the Windsor Star newspaper come from?

The Windsor Star was published in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and with 1,587,333 searchable pages from .

What was the Windsor Collegiate Era newspaper called?

The [Windsor] Collegiate Era is a newspaper within the newspaper: Border Cities Era. When the issues were bound, the front and back covers (and the front and back inside covers) were removed, even though they were part of the page numbering. For the most part, pages 1-2 and the last 2 pages (usually pages 15-16 or pages 11-12) are missing.

How many newspapers are there in Ontario Canada?

Browse or search Ontario records by clicking a specific city above. Now with 525,084 Ontario historical newspapers.

Is there a library in Essex County Ontario?

The Collection of the Essex County Branch of the Ontario Ancestors (EssexOA) – link to partial listing The Essex County Library maintains a digital archive and image network in a collection of indexes relating to historical and current events in the County of Essex.