Which is an example of Visual Basic Concept?

Visual Basic provides a graphical user interface GUI that allows the developer to drag and drop objects into the program as well as manually write program code. For example, the Visual Basic language is designed to be “human readable,” which means the source code can be understood without requiring lots of comments.

What are the features of Visual Basic explain?

Visual Basic (VB) is an event-driven programming language and environment from Microsoft that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) which allows programmers to modify code by simply dragging and dropping objects and defining their behavior and appearance.

Which is an example of Visual Basic objects answer?

Examples are water, mirror ( polished glass ) , well polished metals placed in door locks , your own phone etc the things which reflects your image clearly .

What is Visual Basic 6.0 used for?

Visual Basic is a part of the Microsoft Visual Studio and is the flagship development language for Microsoft. You can develop applications for a stand—alone or networked computer system, you can create your own controls and even develop applications for the Internet.

Where is Visual Basic used?

Visual Basic for Applications runs as an internal programming language in Microsoft Office (MS Office, Office) applications such as Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, and Visio.

Why is Visual Basic 6.0 used?

Visual Basic 6.0 runtime usage inside VBA and Office Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA, is a distinct technology commonly used for application automation and macros inside of other applications, most commonly inside Microsoft Office applications. The runtime files in question are still supported.

What is object in Visual Basic?

An object is a combination of code and data that can be treated as a unit. You can use objects provided by Visual Basic, such as controls, forms, and data access objects. You can also use objects from other applications within your Visual Basic application.

What is Class module in Visual Basic?

Class module in VBA can be defined as the module that helps to create your own objects with your own properties and methods like worksheets and range objectives of excel. In simple terms with the help VBA class module, we can create objects with own properties.

What can you do with Visual Basic 6.0?

VB 6 provides graphical environment in which forms basic blocks of application. Using VB 6 users can create windows based application. VB 6 provides many advanced tools such as templates, data based management, Objects classes. Using these tools applications can be developed with in days or months. EDITIONS: VB 6 comes in 3 editions.

Which is the newest version of Visual Basic?

The basic parts refer to the basic language because all the statement of basic language is used in visual basics. However VB contains its own functions, methods, controls etc. Visual Basic version 6.0 is the newest edition to VB products. VB 6 provides graphical environment in which forms basic blocks of application.

What are the controls in Visual Basic 6?

Contains a set of controls to use in .NET forms that are familiar to Visual Basic 6 developers. It includes a DataRepeater control, Line and Shape controls, a PrintForm component, and a Printer Compatibility. Provides proven practices to reach functional equivalence while upgrading Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET.

What can I do with VB 6 IDE?

VB 6 IDE – install visual basic 6 software to create your project. Read the Visual basic 6.0 installation guide. Microsoft Access – this is necessary for connecting your project to a data source, only if its a project requirement. For some projects you can use Microsoft Excel or SQL as the data sources.