How do I log into charms?

How to Use Charms Office

  1. Go to
  2. Move your mouse over to LOGIN at the top right of your page.
  3. Click on “Parents/Students/Members”
  4. You will be asked for a School Code.
  5. If you have not logged in to your Charms account before, your password is most likely your student ID number.

Where is the charms School Code?

Where can I find my school code?

  1. On the Main Sections menu, click Settings.
  2. The school code is in the Adult/Student Preferences section and is called Adult/Student Area Login Code.

How do I register my charms?

The best way to get started using your Charms account is to simply go to and hit the “ENTER” link, then log in with your username and password in the “Teacher/Helper” login area. You’re in! This Welcome screen has links at the right you can explore later.

How do you contact a charm?


  1. Charms, a Vanco company.
  2. 5600 American Blvd. West.
  3. Suite 400.
  4. Bloomington, MN 55437. Contact Us.
  5. Office: (972) 485-1912.
  6. Fax: (214) 217-1485.

How much does Charms Office Assistant cost?

About Charms Office Assistant With regards to system requirements, Charms Office Assistant is available as SaaS, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. Costs start at $365.00/year. Charms Office Assistant includes online support and business hours support.

How do I pay my charms?

Click on the tab that says “Paid by” PayPal. Make sure that the tap is “on” which should be turned blue, not grey. 7. THEN, click on Pay Fixed Payments.

How do you contact a ChARM?

How do you graduate students in charms?

Graduate and promote student

  1. On the end of year page, find Graduate and Promote Student and click .
  2. On the Graduate and Promote Students page, select an option next to each student’s name.

What is Charms Office Assistant?

Charms Office Assistant is a program management tool designed for all types of schools. It combines assessment, communication and financial systems. It allows parents to view comprehensive financial statements for their children online.