Where does the hike to the Hollywood Sign start?

Charlie Turner Trailhead
It begins at the Charlie Turner Trailhead, named to honor a longtime park volunteer. You can use the restrooms at the Observatory and ask a park ranger about conditions on the trail.

Where is the Griffith Park Hollywood sign?

Griffith Park Hiking Trails The best place to see the Hollywood Sign is at Griffith Park. There are multiple hiking trails on Mt. Hollywood leading from the back corner of the Observatory parking lot. The main Griffith Observatory hike leads to an advantageous spot that allows you to view the sign in comfort.

Can you hike to the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Park?

The hike from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee is 8.8 miles round trip (4.4 miles each way). The trailhead and the summit are separated by 575 feet of elevation, but because this route crosses a mountain in between, the hike actually has two ascents of 425 feet and 525 feet.

Is the Hollywood Sign hike Open 2021?

January 2021 Happy New Year from the Sign! As a reminder, hiking trails are open with the exception of the Wisdom Tree Trail and the Cahuenga Peak Trail. Masks and social distancing is required at all times.

Do you have to pay to hike to the Hollywood Sign?

There is no cost to visit the Hollywood Sign. But please be aware that parking at the Griffith Observatory is now metered parking and parking illegally will get you a parking ticket. To avoid parking at the Sign, please take the DASH bus.

Is the Hollywood Sign hike difficult?

The Hollywood Sign hike is one of those iconic hikes that you need to do at least once in your life. It’s a popular hike, but also beautiful….The Easy Hollywood Sign Hike.

In This Guide Turn by Turn Hike Directions & Video Hollywood Sign Hike Trail Maps Planning Your Trip Parking Info
Hike Time 2-3 Hours (Total)
Difficulty (?) Moderate

Can you touch the Hollywood Sign?

Can I touch the Hollywood Sign? Unfortunately, for your safety, the safety of the plants and wildlife of Griffith Park, and for the safety of the Sign, you cannot. The closest you can get to the Hollywood Sign is up and above it and that location is accessible by several hikes within Griffith Park.

Who currently owns the Hollywood Sign?

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce holds trademark rights to the Hollywood Sign….

Hollywood Sign
Renovated Repaired 1949 rebuilt 1978 repainted 2005
Cost $21,000
Client Woodruff and Shoults (Hollywoodland)
Technical details

How difficult is the hike to the Hollywood Sign?

How many miles is the Hollywood Sign hike?

3.3 miles
How long does it take to hike to the Hollywood Sign? The trail is 3.3 miles and can take up to two hours.

Who died at the Hollywood Sign?

Peg Entwistle
Entwistle gained notoriety after she jumped to her death from atop the “H” on the Hollywoodland sign in September 1932, at the age of 24….

Peg Entwistle
Cause of death Suicide
Resting place Oak Hill Cemetery, Glendale, Ohio, U.S.
Other names The Hollywood Sign Girl
Occupation Actress

Is it illegal to take a picture of the Hollywood Sign?

The sign truly belongs to the public. And yet, in a sleight of hand, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce insists that it owns trademark rights to the sign’s “likeness” and therefore can charge for the use of that image.