What is TOP-of-page during LINE SELECTION?

TOP-OF-PAGE DURING LINE SELECTION event is triggered for interactive reports. i.e. when u click on some field in basic list then it navigates you to another secondary 1st list in that list when u want to have headings then u ll define them in this event.

How to use TOP-of-page in sap abap?

TOP-OF-PAGE – ABAP Keyword Documentation. TOP-OF-PAGE [DURING LINE-SELECTION]. This statement defines an event block whose event is raised by the ABAP runtime environment when a list is created. This occurs when a new page begins (that is, immediately before the first line on a new page is produced).

What is TOP-of-page event in sap abap?

TOP-OF-PAGE is a list processing event which is executed before the the first data is output on a new page. Notes. Without. the addition … DURING LINE-SELECTION , TOP-OF-PAGE is processed only. when generating basic lists, not when creating secondary lists.

What is begin of line in SAP ABAP?

The expression POS_LOW specifies the position in which the input field for a parameter or the first input field for a selection criterion is displayed as standard. POS_HIGH specifies the position in which the second input field for a selection criterion is to be displayed as standard.

How do you get to the top of the page in ALV report?

Using Top of page and end of list IN ALV reports

  1. Call the function module REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET.
  2. Provide the sub routine name for top-of-page event.
  3. Implement the subroutine to display ‘top of page’ .
  4. Call the function module REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE to display top-of-page in ALV.

How do you display headers in ALV report?

In order to insert a report heading in to the ALV grid you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Update ‘REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY’ FM call to include ‘TOP-OF-PAGE’ FORM.
  2. Create ‘TOP-OF-PAGE’ FORM – Using ‘REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE’ inside TOP-OF-PAGE subroutine.

How do you display headings in ALV report?

How do I add a page to the top of ALV?

How do you write to the top of a page in ALV?

How do I skip a line in selection screen in ABAP?

SELECTION-SCREEN SKIP [n] [ldb_additions]. This statement creates n blank lines on the current selection screen among the lines already filled. The value n must be specified directly as a single-digit positive number. If n is not specified, a single blank line is created.

What is selection screen in ABAP?

Selection screens are special dynpros that can be defined in executable programs, function groups, and module pools. Selection screens are defined in the global declaration section of the mentioned ABAP programs with the statements SELECT-OPTIONS, SELECTION-SCREEN and PARAMETERS without using Screen Painter.

How do you display headings in ALV grid display?

To display header in ALV grid use the following steps.

  1. Build the ALV header table.
  2. Pass the TOP-OF-EVENT subroutine name and callback program name to I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE and I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM parameters of REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY function module.

What does top of page mean in SAP ABAP?

TOP-OF-PAGE ( SAP ABAP Keyword) TOP-OF-PAGE is a keyword used in SAP ABAP programming.This tutorial covers its introduction & syntax details. TOP-OF-PAGE. Basic form TOP-OF-PAGE. Addition … DURING LINE-SELECTION. Effect TOP-OF-PAGE is a list processing event which is executed before the the first data is output on a new page.

How is the top of page during line selection?

Top of Page During Line Selection A normal classical report contains only one list where all necessary data (detail data) will be in one single report. In this way the user will see an extensive lengthy report on his screen. The user will not be able to interact with this kind of report.

How to write top of page in zabap?

Now with having the CASE of SY-LSIND we can reach to different top of page functionality and we can write different content. REPORT zabap_gui. TABLES: scarr, spfli, sflight, sbook. END OF ty_sbook. v_value TYPE char20. INITIALIZATION.

Can a top of page statement be moved?

The top page header cannot be moved when you scroll vertically in a list displayed on the screen. For each TOP-OF-PAGE event, the placeholders ‘< (> <)>1’ – ‘< (> <)>9’ are replaced with the contents of system fields sy-tvar0 – sy-tvar9 in the standard heading and the column headings of the standard page header during creation of a basic list.