What is Sylt?

Sylt (German pronunciation: [ˈzʏlt]; Danish: Sild; Söl’ring North Frisian: Söl) is an island in northern Germany, part of Nordfriesland district, Schleswig-Holstein, and well known for the distinctive shape of its shoreline. It belongs to the North Frisian Islands and is the largest island in North Frisia.

How do I get to Sylt by car?

The only link between the mainland and the island of Sylt is the railroad causeway running from the mainland town of Niebüll. If you wish to bring your car to the island, you’ll have to load it on the train at Niebüll for the slow ride. No advance booking is necessary — you just arrive and take your chances.

What is special about Sylt?

The combination of endlessly long sandy beach, red cliffs, green landscapes, flat wadden sea, horses, sheep, lighthouses, beautiful old houses and other things makes Sylt an unique place in Germany and I can definitely list it as one of my favourite islands now.

Where is Sylt Germany?

Sylt, largest and northernmost of the North Frisian Islands, in the North Sea, Schleswig-Holstein Land (state), Germany.

Can you drive to Sylt?

Similar to most other North Frisian islands, Sylt allows cars and there are several options of getting your car on the island, though driving it yourself isn’t one of them. As mentioned above you can take the car ferry from Rømø.

Does Germany have any islands?

Germany’s islands are among its best-kept secrets, and with the possible exception of bigger islands such as Rügen and Sylt, they are still pretty much undiscovered by tourists. If you’re looking for a destination that’s genuinely off the beaten track, here are 15 of the best islands to head for.

How do I get Sylt?

You can reach Sylt either by ship, by plane or by train. Those who are arriving in Sylt by car can take advantage one of the numerous ferries or the Deutsche Bahn car-train.

How do I get to Sylt from UK?

The cheapest way to get from London to Sylt is to fly and train which costs £50 – £170 and takes 7h 27m….

  1. Fly from London City (LCY) to Billund (BLL)
  2. Take the bus from Billund Lufthavn / Billund Airport to Esbjerg Busterminal.
  3. Take the train from Esbjerg St. to Skærbæk St.

Can you swim in Sylt?

On Sylt, you have to go swimming every day — no matter what the weather’s like. The best place to swim is called Puan Klent and there’s a great beach there. After my swim, I go over to the other side of the island — to the Wadden Sea mudflats. People say that the mud from the Wadden Sea has a healing effect.

How do you get to Sylt?

If you prefer leaving your car at home, you can reach Sylt comfortably by train. The Hindenburgdamm with its railway tracks connects the island to the mainland. Every hour a train goes from Hamburg to Sylt taking 3 hours for the ride. There are as well several direct connections from other big German cities every day.

What do Germans call the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea is known by a variety of names, the Germans call it Ostsee (East Sea), the Swedish Östersjön, in Danish it’s Østersøen, in Russia it is known as Baltiyskoye More, in Finland as Itämeri, for the Polish people it is Morze Bałtyckie, and in Estonia the ‘East Sea’ is known as Läänemeri (West Sea).

How many island Germany has?

They know that there’s no need to go to the Med or the Caribbean to find azure seas, white beaches and endless horizons. Some 50 islands in the North Sea and Baltic Sea belong to Germany, nearly all of them slow-paced and pristine nature sanctuaries. The two bodies of water are quite different in character.

Where is the island of Sylt in Germany?

Sylt, Germany. Sylt, an island in northernmost German, has beaches on the North Sea. See the island’s thatched roof houses by bike or horseback.

Which is the best part of Sylt to visit?

Sylt Tourism: Best of Sylt. Sylt, Germany. Sylt, an island in northernmost German, has beaches on the North Sea. See the island’s thatched roof houses by bike or horseback. You can also visit the Sylt Aquarium. Sylt has several golf courses.

What are the two administrative bodies of Sylt?

Sylt is divided into two administrative bodies: the Amt Landschaft Sylt administrates all municipalities on the island, save for the Gemeinde Sylt, which was established in 2009 from the formerly independent municipalities of Westerland, Rantum and Sylt-Ost.

What kind of birds live on the Sylt island?

There are two notable hatching areas on Sylt, the Königshafen bay with the small island Uthörn in the north and the Rantum basin in the southeast. Birds that hatch on Sylt include black-headed gull, Arctic tern, pied avocet, common redshank, common gull, oystercatcher, northern lapwing, common shelduck and tufted duck.