What is class code 8018?

Wholesale operations covered under Workers’ Comp class code 8018 include the assembling, sorting, and grading of goods; the maintenance of inventory, the breaking down and repackaging of bulk quantities, and the promotion of sales using an outside source.

What is class code 8017?

Retail Store
Class Code 8017 | Retail Store Retail store insurance is a very broad class of business. It is the most common class code for most retail stores that sell many different varieties 1of general merchandise. Class code 8017 applies to all stores that are not classified under another code as a specialty store.

What is work comp code 8601?

Code 8601 applies to employers engaged in the architectural or engineering profession as a separate and distinct business.

How do I find out my class code?

You can find your Google Classroom code on your course’s class card on the website or mobile app….Via desktop:

  1. Go to the Google Classroom website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the class card for the course you want to know the code for.
  3. The class code will appear under the course name in the header graphic.

What is NCCI Class Code?

A class code is a three or four digit numerical code assigned by NCCI or a State Rating Bureau such as California’s WCIRB. Class codes are assigned to differentiate between the various job duties or scope of work performed by employees.

What is workers compensation class code 0913?

Code 0913 applies to domestics engaged exclusively in household or domestic work performed principally inside of the insured’s residence. This would include a cook, housekeeper, laundry worker, maid, butler, companion, nurse and babysitter.

What are workers comp standard exception codes?

8810 – Clerical

  • 8742 – Salespersons or Collectors – Outside
  • 8871 – Clerical Telecommuter Employees
  • 7380 – Drivers,Chauffeurs,Messengers,and Their Helpers NOC-Commercial
  • 8748 – Automobile Salespersons
  • What is the workers comp code?

    Workers compensation code 8810 refers to administrative and clerical work. This code is the same throughout the United States, including the monopolistic ones. In most cases, this is the least expensive code, as it is associated with the lowest risk.

    What are workers compensation codes?

    Workers Compensation Codes consist of a 3-to-4 digit system assigned by either a state rating bureau or the NCCI . Class Codes are used to differentiate various job duties done by employees in an industry. Most of the classification systems contain unique codes which provide premium guidelines for the workers’ compensation insurance.

    What is workers compensation classification?

    A workers compensation classification system is intended to distribute the cost of insurance equitably among employers. The system ensures that employers with high risks of worker injuries pay more for insurance than employers with low risks.