What does Busquets tattoo mean?

Sergio Busquets Arabic tattoo translates to; “A thing for you, the life in my country”, He dedicates his tattoo to his maternal grandfather to whom both were very close before her death.

How tall is Busquets?

6′ 2″
Sergio Busquets/Height

How many games has Busquets?


15SEASONS 648Oficial matches 50532Minutes played
2016-17 48 3928
2017-18 50 4164
2018-19 54 4333
2019-20 43 3266

Is Oriol Busquets related to Sergio?

Despite the fact Oriol is no relation to Sergio, he is literally Barcelona’s “next Busquets.” The “next X” tag is horribly and abusively used in football, but it’s quite apt in this scenario. People are surprised to find Oriol and Sergio are not related, as every tangible piece of evidence screams that they are.

Who promoted Busquets?

Two years later, he was promoted to the B team under Josep Guardiola, and helped it achieve promotion to the third level, with one goal in his 32 appearances. In that same season, Busquets would make his first team debut, in a Catalonia Cup match, coming on as a substitute….Sergio Busquets.

Full name Sergio Busquets Burgos
Number 16

How good is Sergio Busquets?

Sergio Busquets is lucky enough to play with arguably the two best midfielders in all of football in Xavi and Andres Iniesta. Sergio is a defensive midfielder and the others are not. Busquets’ first job is to handle the ball defensively and not necessarily set up goals. But many of his plays do end up creating scores.

How many red cards Busquets have?

0 red cards
Sergio Busquets has received 4 yellow cards and 0 red cards. The average Infogol Player Rating for Sergio Busquets in the Spanish La Liga 2021/22 season is 6.15.

Who is Iniesta’s wife?

Anna Ortizm. 2012
Andrés Iniesta/Wife
Iniesta is married to Anna Ortiz; the couple began dating in 2008 and wed on 8 July 2012. They have two daughters, Valeria (born April 2011) and Siena (born May 2017), and two sons, Paolo Andrea (born May 2015) and Romeo (born June 2019) They lost an unborn child, son Andrés Jr., due to miscarriage in March 2014.

Who is Sergio Busquets wife?

Elena Galera
In 2014, Busquets started a relationship with Elena Galera. They have two sons born in 2016 and 2018.

Who is Joan Busquets and what does she do?

Joan Busquets is the first Martin Bucksbaum Professor in Practice of Urban Planning and Design at the GSD. Prior to joining the GSD faculty, Busquets was Chair-Professor of Town Planning and Urban Design in the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona from 1979 until 2002.

When did Joan Busquets win the Erasmus Prize?

Awarded in 2011 with the International Erasmus prize (The Netherlands); in 2012 with Grand Prix Spécial de l’Urbanisme, Paris (France) and the Catalonian National prize for Architecture and Open Space. Elected Full Member of the Académie d’Architecture de France in 2016. In 2021 won the Patrick Abercrombie Prize of UIA.

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