Is Raffles Institution a junior college?

On 1 January 2009, Raffles Junior College re-merged into Raffles Institution to facilitate running of the Integrated Programme. The college section (Year 5–6) kept the name as Raffles Institution (Junior College) until 2010, after which it was officially renamed as Raffles Institution.

Is Raffles Institution an IB?

The integrated programme was first implemented in Dunman High School, Hwa Chong Institution (formerly The Chinese High School), Nanyang Girls’ High School, Raffles Girls School, Raffles Institution, and River Valley High School in 2004.

How much is Raffles Institution school fees?

Pre-university or Junior College (JC) fee in Singapore:

Nationality Hwa Chong Institution (Monthly fee) Raffles Institution (Monthly fee)
Singapore citizens S$350 S$300
Singapore permanent citizens S$750 S$695
Foreigners (ASEAN) S$1340 S$1515
Foreigners (Non-ASEAN) S$1950 S$2100

Is Raffles Institution a government school?

Raffles Institution is the first government school to become independent.

What is the best secondary school in Singapore?

Secondary School Ranking based on PSLE 2019 scores

Secondary Schools Status
1 Nanyang Girls’ High School Independent
2 Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) Independent
3 Raffles Institution Independent
4 Hwa Chong Institution Independent

What is Raffles Institution famous for?

Raffles Institution (RI) is an independent institution, providing secondary education for boys aged 13–16 through a boys-only Year 1-4 and pre-university education for students aged 17–18 through a co-educational Year 5-6. Founded in 1823, it is the oldest school in Singapore.

Is IB better than IP?

With IB, the program is more broad, holistically encapsulating 6 academic subject groups and 3 IB-core assessments. In IP-JC, most students will be sorted into ‘Science’ and ‘Art’ streams, with a limit of what can be taken from the other ‘basket’ of subjects.

Is IP better than O level?

The IP curriculum is flexible and lets students learn on a broader level than what the ‘O’ levels have to offer. The major difference between the IP and the ‘O’ levels is that the IP allows students to bypass the ‘O’ levels entirely and sit for the ‘A’ levels, after which they can gain entry into the university.

How much are school fees in Singapore?

Secondary school

Citizenship School Fees (Monthly)
Singapore Citizen S$25 to S$43 S$25 to S$43
PR S$400 to S$418 S$400 to S$418
International (Asean) S$800 to S$818 S$800 to S$818
International S$1,470 to S$1,488 S$1,470 to S$1,488

What are the top 10 secondary schools in Singapore?

List of Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Singapore

  1. Nanyang Girls’ High School. EMAIL. [email protected]. PHONE.
  2. Raffles Institution. EMAIL. [email protected]. PHONE.
  3. Raffles Girls’ Secondary School. EMAIL. [email protected]. PHONE.
  4. Hwa Chong Institution. EMAIL. [email protected]. PHONE.
  5. Dunman High School. EMAIL. [email protected]. PHONE.

What is the highest PSLE score ever?

Natasha Nabila Muhamad Nasir of St Hilda’s Primary School scored 294 out of a maximum of 300 in the 2007 PSLE.