How much is a Threepenny worth?

The British threepence (3d) coin, usually simply known as a threepence, thruppence, or thruppenny bit, was a unit of currency equaling one eightieth of a pound sterling, or three old pence sterling.

What is the most valuable Australian threepence?

1922/1 Overdate Threepence George V Extremely Scarce and Rare! The 1922/1 overdate is the rarest silver pre-decimal coin issued for circulation. An estimate of only 900 have ever been minted making it more rare than the 1930 Penny which had approximately 3,000 coins minted.

How much is a 1941 three pence worth?

Value Range

$0.50 $20.00

How many sides did the old Threepenny Bit have?

The definition of threepenny bit in the dictionary is a twelve-sided British coin of nickel-brass, valued at three old pence, obsolete since 1971.

What flower is on the old threepenny bit?

Thrift -Armeria maritima Thrift or Sea Pink, Rock Rose, Our Lady’s Pillow – Armeria maritima, begins flowering in April and carries on gloriously well into July.

Why was a threepenny bit called a joey?

The silver threepence was nicknamed a Joey. Originally a Joey was the nickname given to a groat (4 pence) but when that went out of circulation in 1855 the silver 3 pence inherited the name. The name came about due the reintroduction of 4 pence coins in the 1830’s by the politician Joseph Hume, MP (1777-1855).

What is an Australian 1942 threepence worth?

Threepence 1942 value

Variety MS-60 MS-65
1942 $1,110 $6,300
1942 – D $14.90 $111
1942 – S $14.90 $184

How much does a 1937 wheat penny cost?

You’ll pay anywhere from 10 to 20 cents for a decent example of any 1937 regular-issue in circulated condition; prices go up from there to about $10 for a nice Mint State 63 version on the Sheldon Coin Grading Scale.

Where is the mintmark on a 1937 Lincoln penny?

The “S” mintmark indicates the coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint. Don’t see a mintmark? No mintmark at all means your 1937 Lincoln cent was made at the Philadelphia Mint — which didn’t place mintmarks on Lincoln wheat cents.

When was the first threepence coin in circulation?

Threepence coins had been issued for a long time as “Maundy” money (non circulating legal tender, distributed in very small amounts by the King or Queen in person), then for regular circulation in Britain since 1845 (earlier circulation pieces were for colonial use only).