How much are 1990 Marvel comic cards worth?

What are Marvel hologram cards worth?

Card Price Bids
1990 Marvel Universe HOLOGRAM Trading Card Wolverine MH4 SGC 8.5 $5.50
1990 Impel Marvel Universe Series 1 Magneto Hologram Holo Card MH2 $2.99
1990 Impel Marvel Universe Series 1 Cosmic Spider-Man hologram Chase Card MH1 $5.50

How much are Marvel holograms worth?

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Card Price
?? 1990 Marvel Universe Series 1 Sealed Pack – Spiderman Stan Lee ?? $5.50
Wolverine 1990 Marvel Universe Hologram MH4 Impel $24.50
1990 Marvel Impel Universe Series 1 Wolverine Card MH5 Holo $25.00
1990 Marvel Universe COSMIC SPIDER-MAN Hologram #MH1 ~ PSA 8 Mint ?? $149.50

How much is a Wolverine hologram card worth?

Wolverine #H-3 (HOLOGRAM)

Date Price Grade
8/31/2021 $35.00 8
8/24/2021 $600.00 10
8/24/2021 $32.00 8
8/24/2021 $20.50 7

What is the most expensive 1990 Marvel card?


How many cards are in 1990 Marvel cards?

The 1990 set has a 162-card checklist. The first half is dedicated to individual hero cards, while the second half includes several subsets.

Why is 1996 Marvel Masterpieces so expensive?

D’oh! Yeah, the Marvel Masterpieces idea had gotten old by then, but was revitalized a decade later. That set has been a tough and expensive find ever since. Thanks to the 9 redemption cards found one per 60,000 packs, we know the production run on the 1996 set: 30,000 boxes.

What are 1996 Marvel cards worth?

In a testament to the set’s popularity, 1996 Fleer/SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces commons often sell for as much as most contemporary base sets. It’s not unheard of for complete 100-card sets to top $500. 1996 Fleer/SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces has a pair of basic insert sets.

Why are Marvel trading cards so expensive?

The surge of demand for these cards can be attributed to several factors. First, is the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has affected the value of comic books and trading cards featuring these beloved characters.

When did the Marvel Universe hologram come out?

1990 Topps Marvel Universe WOLVERINE HOLOGRAM #MH4 HOT!!!!!! 1990 Marvel Universe Cosmic Spiderman Hologram PSA 9!! POP 11! Low Pop You must login to access watchlist.

When did the Impel Marvel Universe Cards come out?

Here are the real-time rankings of the most popular 1990 Impel Marvel Universe cards currently being sold on eBay at auction: 504 Card LOT 1990 1991 Marvel Universe Series 1 + 2 Impel Base Set Cards!!! STAN LEE 1990 IMPEL EMC GRADED 10 TRADING Card Marvel COOL MINT HARD TO FIND! 1990 Impel Marvel Universe Spider-Man Vs.

How many cards are in the 1990 Marvel Universe?

The comprehensive set became a blueprint for what followed in the years and decades that followed. 1990 Impel Marvel Universe has a 162-card checklist. The first half is dedicated to individual cards and heroes. The second half includes several subsets that focus on teams, rivalries and classic comics.

Who was Doctor Doom in 1990 Marvel Comics?

DOCTOR DOOM 1990 MARVEL COMICS TRADING CARD IMPEL #90 NM 1990 Impel Marvel Universe Punisher (Battle Van) TRADING CARD #44! Mint