Where we can use Zeta card?

Cafeteria & Food: Zeta Express, Freshmenu, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Zomato, Dominos, PizzaHut, Grofers, BigBasket, Box8. Recharges & Bill Payments: Mobile, Datacard, DTH. Shopping: Gift Card, Amazon, Flipkart.

How do I check the balance on my Zeta card?

Open the Zeta app interface on your smart phone. Tap or scroll up the clubbed cards at the bottom of home-screen and tap on Cash Card. Click View Transactions to view all your cash card transactions.

What is Zeta super card?

Zeta Super Card is a physical plastic card powered by financial banks and secured payment gateways. You can use it for both online and offline payment using the Zeta SuperPIN (a unique dynamic PIN valid for a single transaction) for faster payment experience. For more information, See Manage Your Super Card.

What is Zeta bank?

Zeta is a modern banking tech company, co-founded by entrepreneurs Bhavin Turakhia and Ramki Gaddipati in 2015. The company provides an Omni Stack comprising modern credit and debit processing, BNPL, core banking and mobile experiences. Zeta provides its products to banks and fintechs globally.

Does Amazon accept Zeta card?

Amazon India has started accepting Zeta meal cards on its store. You could use the Zeta cards (Master card or Rupay card) to purchase groceries and other items from Amazon Pantry. Note that, Zeta meal card or Zeta Super card would work only on purchase of grocery items on Amazon Pantry.

Can I use Zeta card on Amazon?

Now use Zeta card to purchase Grocery, Personal care, Beauty, Baby care, Household cleaning items on Amazon.

Is Zeta a debit card?

RBL Bank is the issuer of the card, while Zeta is the technology provider. A user can begin using the card by transferring funds from their bank accounts or debit or credit card via Zeta App.

Is Zeta part of Directi?

Zeta is a portfolio of Directi group, a mobile-based platform that provides digital meal vouchers, gifts & loyalty cards for corporate employees.

What is Zeta Tachyon?

Zeta Tachyon Debit and Credit enable real-time contextual conversion of transactions into loans at POS and post purchase. Tachyon Loans enables instant personal loan disbursements with real-time and batch credit decisioning.

Can we use Zeta card for online payment?

You can pay your expenses to both Zeta-affiliated (online and offline mode) and non-affiliated merchants using the Zeta Super Card or Zeta app. You can also use the super card in an online payment and use Zeta SuperPIN when you’re prompted for OTP/password for faster payment experience.

Where can I use my Zeta joint debit card?

Zeta Help Inc. is a service provider of the issuing bank. All deposit accounts of the same ownership and/or vesting held at the issue bank are combined and insured under an FDIC Certificate, up to $500,000. The Zeta Joint Debit Card, provided by MasterCard, may be used everywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted.

How can we use a Zeta super card?

Nothing could possibly be worse than not being able to use your money. The Zeta Super Card can be swiped just like a debit or credit card and is an easy way to spend grants issued by your employer for various tax-saving benefits, like medical reimbursements, and the balance in your Zeta wallet, the Zeta Cash Card.

Is it possible to encash against a Zeta card?

The vendors in my office are themselves not willing to accept Zeta since they are forced to source their material from specific vendors (at inflated prices ofcourse) if they have zeta credits. Apparently, they cannot encash against zeta credits #NextLevelExploitation

How to use Zeta credit card with RuPay?

Open the Zeta app interface in your smartphone. By default, this displays the virtual Zeta Super Card under the Home tab. Tap on the super card to view the OTP or Zeta SuperPIN. Enter the OTP in RuPay or Master Card site to authenticate your online transaction. After successful authentication,…