How do I recover my GroupMe account?

Go to the Forgot Password page. Enter your email address or phone number. Select Reset password, then please follow the instructions.

How do I verify my GroupMe account without a phone number?

The reason why GroupMe needs this is to send you a verification code or PIN. After you receive it, you’ll have to insert the code in the app. This way, you confirm that you do own that phone number. When you complete this step, you won’t be asked to provide your number ever again.

How do I get my GroupMe backup code?

What do I do if I didn’t receive my GroupMe PIN?

  1. Keep the GroupMe app on the PIN screen.
  2. Contact support and let us know you’re having trouble receiving your PIN.
  3. Once our team has helped you get your PIN, enter it in the app to verify your number.

How do I find my GroupMe code?

To share a group using a QR code:

  1. In your chat select the group’s avatar (profile picture).
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Under Share Group, click Show QR code.
  4. You can share or print the QR code for your friends and family to scan and join your group.

Can you download a GroupMe conversation?

You can export your GroupMe data from your profile dashboard. Important: You can only export your data using GroupMe on the Web. Sign in to GroupMe on the Web. Select the conversations and direct messages you want to export, then select Export.

Does clearing chat history on GroupMe clear it for everyone?

You can delete the chat history for an individual or a group chat. This clears the chat history on your device, but the other participants will still be able to see the chat.

Can I have 2 GroupMe accounts?

Yes, you can set up multiple groups and direct messages with one account. GroupMe is great for cross-platform communication, for example from Android to iOS.

How do I log into GroupMe with a new number?

Contact us

  1. Sign in to your GroupMe account in a web browser.
  2. Select your avatar (profile picture).
  3. Select the Edit button next to your current phone number.
  4. Enter your new phone number and select Submit, then follow the on-screen instructions.

What is a GroupMe backup code?

When you turn on two-step verification, you will get a security code sent to your phone every time you sign in. Important: If you lose your phone, the backup code will help you get into your account. When you first enable two-step verification, you’ll receive a backup code.