Has a non-league team ever won the FA Cup?

The leading professional clubs formed The Football League in 1888. Since then, one non-league team has won the cup. Sunderland won the cup in 1973, Southampton repeated the feat in 1976, and West Ham United won in 1980, the most recent victory by a team from outside the top division.

Which non-league clubs have won the FA Cup?

Tottenham are the only team from outside the Football League to win the FA Cup since the foundation of the league in 1888. They were the second Southern League team in succession to reach the final, following Southampton in 1900.

What is the furthest a non-league team has got in the FA Cup?

No Non-League team has ever made it to the quarter finals of the FA Cup, with the fifth round being the furthest they have reached.

Has any team won the FA Cup without conceding a goal?

Manchester City equalled the record when they defeated Watford 6–0 in the 2019 final. Bury equalled Blackburn’s record for the most goals scored in a final and also equalled the record first set by Preston North End in 1889 of winning the FA Cup without conceding a goal in any round.

What happens if a non Premier League team wins FA Cup?

FA Cup winners enter the Europa League at the group stage. If the winner — and until 2015, the runner-up — has already qualified for Europe through their league position (with the exception of the UEFA Cup until 1998), the FA Cup berth is then given to the highest-place team in the league who has not yet qualified.

What was used in the 1973 FA Cup final and never used again?

The 1973 showpiece is the only FA Cup final ever to be played with an orange ball. The 1973 FA Cup Final was the 92nd final of the FA Cup.

When was the last time a non Premier League team won the FA Cup?

The last team to win the Fa Cup outside the top flight was West Ham United in 1980. The only non-league team to have win the FA Cup was Tottenham Hotspur in 1901. Since 1992 (the inaugural season of the Premier League) no non-Premier League team has won the FA Cup.

How many teams are in the 5th round of the FA Cup?


Round New entrants at this round No. of matches
Third Round Level 1 and 2 clubs 32
Fourth Round none 16
Fifth Round 8
Quarter-finals 4

Who is the youngest player in the FA Cup final?

Curtis Weston
In 2004, Curtis Weston of Millwall became the youngest ever player to play in the final at the age of 17 years and 119 days, beating the record of James F. M. Prinsep of Clapham Rovers set in the 1879 Final.

What if Chelsea win Champions League and finish 5th?

what are you saying? Well, if Chelsea win the Champions League and finish fourth, nothing happens. But if they finish fifth, they would join the top four in next season’s competition.

What happens if top 4 team wins FA Cup?

The top four teams in the Premier League qualify for the Champions League, while the FA Cup winners, the Carabao Cup winners and the fifth-placed side in the top flight go into the Europa League.

Are there any non league teams in the FA Cup?

This was the first time two non-League teams had made it this far in the same season since the establishment of the Football League in 1888. Lincoln City subsequently became the first non-League team in 103 years and the first since World War I to make the quarter finals, but lost 5–0 to Arsenal.

Who are the only Scottish teams to have won the FA Cup?

The only Scottish club to reach the final of the FA Cup. Birmingham City – 1931, 1956. Rivals Aston Villa have won 7 times. Crystal Palace – 1990, 2016. Lost to Manchester United both times.

Who was the last team outside the top flight to win the FA Cup?

West Ham (1980) were the last team outside of the top flight to win the FA Cup, beating Arsenal – the holders – 1–0 in the final. Since then Cardiff City and Millwall have both represented the second tier in the final, but neither won.

Who is the lowest ranked club left in the FA Cup?

Cummins’s winner ensured the joint lowest-ranked club left in the competition reached round three for only the second time in their history.