How do I upload files to Moodle?

How to upload a file to your Moodle courseIn the file upload box, click the Add (1) icon at the top left.In the File picker, click Upload a file (2).In the file upload window, Choose File/Browse (3) for a file, select it and click Open.In the File picker, complete the remaining fields and click Upload this file.

How do you edit submissions in Moodle?

To edit an existing file you have recently uploaded:Locate the relevant Assignment Summary page within your unit. Select the relevant file from the File Submission box.From the pop up that appears, you may choose to edit the relevant file information as needed. To save your changes, select the purple Update button.

Can you resubmit on Moodle?

Your instructor may allow you to overwrite your previous submissions until the due date and time set for the assignment. If overwriting is not enabled, your instructor must manually delete a previous submission to allow you to submit another file.

How do you hide a quiz in Moodle?

Hiding and Revealing ItemsOpen the Section editing menu by clicking on the Edit down arrow to the far right of your section title, below the Section Administration gear. To reveal the section again, follow the same process and click on Show section. Select Hide option from the pull-down menu:Follow the same steps to reveal the item again.

Where is the gradebook in Moodle?

All the grades for each student in a course can be found in the course gradebook, or ‘Grader report’ in Settings > Course administration > Grades.

What is the purpose of enabling Show gradebook to students?

If students are unable to access the gradebook in their navigation menu, it may be hidden from students. You can make your gradebook visible to students by enabling Show gradebook to students in your course settings.

How do students see grades Moodle?

To check your grades, click on the link labeled Grades in the navigation panel found on the left side of your course home page. You can also get to your grades by opening the user menu in the top right corner of the page and selecting the Grades link. From there, click on the name of your course to see your grades.

How do I show course total in Moodle?

To Manually Input Grades in the Course Total ColumnTo open the Moodle Gradebook from your main course page, go to Course Management (black gear icon, At the top-right corner, click Turn editing on (green pencil icon. Scroll to the right to locate the Course total column and grade entry boxes will appear.

How do I use Moodle gradebook?

Click the gear menu, and then click Gradebook setup to configure your gradebook. Moodle gradebooks use a default aggregation method called Natural weighting, which you can configure to accommodate a variety of grading approaches.

How do I add extra credits on Moodle?

Adding Extra CreditClick on the Setup tab in the right-hand corner.Under the category you wish to add extra credit to, scroll to the right and click on the drop down menu Edit, then select Edit settings.Under Parent Category check Extra Credit.Click the Save changes button when you are finished.