Does AT U-verse have wireless cable boxes?

AT U-verse now offering wireless set-top boxes.

Does uverse offer wireless receivers?

Wireless from the Wireless Access Point to the Wireless Receiver; power outlet and separate connection of Wireless Receiver to TV is required. The installation and use of the Wireless Receiver is subject to the AT U-verse Terms of Service that can be found at

How do I connect my U-verse box to my TV wirelessly?

  1. Connect the wireless receiver to your TV with an HDMI cable (not included).
  2. Power on your TV.
  3. Using your TV remote control, select the connection type you used above.
  4. Put the two-part power cord together and use it to plug the wireless receiver into an electrical outlet.
  5. Wait about a minute.

Does uverse have a wireless DVR?

Note: Every household can have up to 8 receivers including only one DVR receiver. U-verse TV service comes with one receiver with a DVR for free (currently excluding grandfathered U100 subscribers). Additional receivers can be purchased for a recurring fee.

How does U-verse wireless receiver work?

The AT U-verse TV Wireless Receiver takes the video-streaming concept popularized by Roku and Apple TV devices and applies it to the venerable (well, infamous) cable box. AT’s residential gateway plugs into a phone outlet, and its wireless access point connects to the gateway.

What is replacing uverse?

AT Internet and AT Phone will replace U-verse Internet and phone. AT got into a little bit of a branding bind with the acquisition of Directv, which arguably is a much stronger brand for video than U-verse TV. U-verse lost not only the brand battle for video, but also the technology platform for video delivery.

How does a wireless cable box work?

You plug a special USB stick into the computer and another one into the TV receiver. The wireless link transmits the signal via high-frequency radio waves from the computer to the TV. This system is designed to let you see movies, videos or photographs that are on your computer on the larger TV screen.

How do you reset a wireless TV receiver?

Many receiver problems can be fixed by restarting your receiver. To do this, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds. This takes 5-8 minutes and will impact any DVR recordings in progress. If you have multiple receivers, reboot your wireless gateway by unplugging it from its power source.

How do you connect uverse to TV?

On the back of the AT U-verse receiver, look for the connection HDMI. Connect the HDMI (shown above) to your television. Do not disconnect any Network or TO WALL cables. Plug your AT U-verse receiver into the wall to give it power.

Can you move U-verse box to another room?

It is fairly possible to move your AT modem from one place to another. Although, it is not possible just move your gateway in another room plug it into the nearest phone socket. This is the reason that your ATT tech told you that your modem is set for the one outlet only.

How to troubleshoot a wireless U-verse TV receiver?

Using your U-verse remote control: Press Menu. Select Help > Information > Troubleshoot & Resolve > TV > DVR. Follow the onscreen prompts. Many receiver problems can be fixed by restarting your receiver.

How to set up a U-verse wireless access point?

Watch this AT support video to learn how to install your Wireless Access Point, or WAP device, and your U-verse TV Wireless Receiver. To set up your wireless receiver and WAP, you’ll need to connect your WAP to your Wi-Fi gateway, connect your wireless receiver to your TV, and pair your WAP and wireless receiver.

What’s the green light on my U-verse TV?

If you have power and the TV receiver is turned on, the power button on the front of the receiver has a green light surrounding it. If you do not have power, move the TV receiver to a working electrical outlet.

How can I check the batteries in my U-verse remote?

Check the batteries in the remote by pressing the AT button on the remote. If you see a red light, the batteries are still good. If you don’t see a red light or the red light is dim, replace the batteries in the remote. Your receiver may be too far away from your WAP.