Why does my Samsung phone keep dialing 911?

If you set a lock screen on your Android device, the PIN entry screen will then feature an Emergency call button toward the bottom of the screen. This may concern some Android users because of the fear of accidentally dialing 911.

How do I stop accidental 911 calls on my Samsung?

Head to the Security menu in Settings, then choose the “Screen lock” option. From here, select “None,” then press “Yes” if prompted. The next time you unlock your device, you should be greeted by your shiny new lock screen, and that stupid “Emergency Call” button will finally be gone.

Why does my android phone call 911 by itself?

It’s when your cell phone dials all on its own because it’s been activated by sitting on it. And the number most dialed with this rear maneuver is 911. All mobile phones are required to have the ability to make an emergency call without their screens being unlocked, which facilitates these accidental 911 calls.

How do I remove 911 from Emergency contacts?

While phone is locked, hit the “Emergency call” option, when it opens hit the settings/menu (left of the home button) on the device. You will see “Remove” appear at the bottom of the screen. Select “Remove” then you will see checkboxes next to the contacts.

How do I get rid of 911 on my lock screen?


  1. Open your Android’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Lock Screen and Security or Lock Screen. If you don’t see this option, try tapping Security first.
  3. Tap Screen lock or Screen Lock Type.
  4. Confirm your current security PIN, password, or bio-method.
  5. Select None.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the change.

How do you secretly call 911 on Android?

First, hold down the power button until you see an option for Emergency Mode. Tap it and that will bring up five options: Flashlight, Emergency, Share My Location, Phone and Internet. Below those options, there will be a button for Emergency Call. Tap the button and it will verify if you want to call 911.

Can you disable 911?

You can help reduce accidental 911 calls by locking your keypad. You may also consider turning off the 911 auto-dial feature if your phone has one. Check your device settings, user manual or the manufacturer’s website to learn how.

Can you disable 911 from a phone?

Because many regions require emergency call buttons on lock screens, there’s no setting to turn the feature off. But if you find yourself accidentally dialing emergency services one too many times, you can disable the emergency call button by replacing your lock screen with an alternative lock screen app.

Why is my phone stuck in emergency mode?

A common cause of the “Emergency Mode!!” This can commonly pop up when attempting to perform a hard reset on an Android phone and it simply means that the wrong combination of keys was used when trying to access the factory reset screen.

How do I get my phone out of emergency call mode Android?

Turn Emergency Mode Off

  1. Press and hold the Power button until the ‘Power off’ prompt appears then release.
  2. Tap Emergency mode. Alternatively, while on the Home screen tap the Menu icon. (upper-right) > Turn off Emergency mode. Allow several seconds for the change to take effect.

Can you disable 911 on a cell phone?

Emergency call settings on Android phones If you’ve set a lock screen on your device, the passcode entry screen will have an emergency call button at the bottom. Next, go to Advanced > Emergency Location Service or Google Emergency Location Service and turn it on or off.

When I push the button on the right side to make the screen go black and hopefully lock the screen and then put the phone in my pocket the darn thing dials phone numbers. It sometimes dials 911 but in the last 3 days it has auto dialed my brother repeatedly. 911 calls are not good when there is no emergency.!

How can I make an emergency call on my Samsung phone?

Tap Emergency call at the bottom of the Home screen to dial 9-1-1. Tap Yes to activate the call. Note: You will be able to use the Phone app to make a call to a specified contact and also to make emergency calls.

Is it against the law to call 911 on a cell phone?

As a matter of fact, the FCC says that pocket dialing of 911 may be costing people their lives http://www.fcc.gov/guides/accidental-911-calls-wireless-phones. Even though I could not find the specific law, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However, in the FCC article it mentions not to have 911 on any sort of speed dial.

What to do when your phone is in emergency mode?

When you no longer need to worry about battery life, it’s time to turn Emergency Mode off. Tap More options (the three vertical dots), and then tap Turn off Emergency mode. If you ever experience a true emergency, such as a flood or earthquake, you may not have the time to make a phone call or send out a text.