Why does Jin kiss Suzy Chinese born?

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Jin didn’t kiss Suzy because he has a crush on her; he kissed her because it was something that made him feel more white or American, in the sense that he can take what he wants and feel powerful.

Why are Amelia and Wei-Chen staying behind after school?

When Amelia volunteered to stay after school to take care of the class pets, Wei-Chen tried to encourage Jin to volunteer too, but his noises drew the teacher’s attention and Wei-Chen was forced to volunteer. Instead Chin-kee went through all of Danny’s classes answering the teachers’ questions in his broken English.

Why does Greg not like Jin with Amelia?

Greg asks Jin not to go out with Amelia again. Why? His excuse is that he’s just looking out for Amelia’s best interests and he doesn’t think Jin’s the right kind of guy Amelia should be with. Especially since they’re almost in high school and what group you’re in matters.

How does Jin feel about Amelia?

Jin shares with the reader that Amelia isn’t especially pretty, speaks with a lisp, and has some dandruff, but this doesn’t dull his affections for her. Amelia seems like a genuinely nice individual; she agrees to the movie date with Jin and appears to enjoy his company.

Does Amelia actually like Jin?

Amelia’s cool. Plus she genuinely seems to like Jin. She reveals to Wei-Chen, for example, that she “‘actually had a lot of fun'” (8.43) on her date with Jin. However Amelia’s also maybe a little naive, a little wishy-washy.

Who does Chin-Kee reveal himself to be?

At the end of American Born Chinese, Chin-Kee is revealed to be the Monkey King. Chin-Kee, Danny’s embarrassing Chinese cousin, accompanies Danny to school whenever Chin-Kee is in town visiting Danny and his family. He exhibits stereotype after Chinese stereotype, which Danny finds endlessly humiliating.

What animal does Wei-Chen compare to Jin because he is nervous to talk to Amelia?

His friend, Wei-Chen calls him a “turtle.” Eventually, Jin decides that the only way he’ll be able to successfully woo Amelia is if (like the Monkey King) he changes his appearance — to look more like the others.

What lesson did Jin Wang learn?

It means learning to be comfortable in his own skin, and dealing with his own fears about being Chinese American. How does that happen? At the end, Jin makes amends with Wei-Chen by apologizing to Wei-Chen for everything he’s done.

How does Wei-Chen help Jin after Jin’s date with Amelia?

He pumps Jin up. Wei-Chen tells Amelia all about Jin’s good side, like when Jin “‘show [him] how things work in America. He help [Wei-Chen] with [his] English. He teach [him] hip English phrase like ‘Don’t have a cow, man’ and ‘Word of your—’ no, no… ‘Word to your mother'”(5.72).

Why is Danny embarrassed by Chin?

Chin-Kee basically embarrasses Danny by harassing Melanie. He continues embarrassing Danny when Danny brings him to school the next day. While Danny is talking to one of the jocks on the varsity basketball team, Chin-Kee pees into the guy’s Coke can, which the guy later drinks.

Who actually was Wei Chen?

Later, the Monkey King reveals that Wei-Chen is actually his son and a monkey, sent to Earth by Tze-Yo-Tzuh to live without vice for 40 years.

Are Danny and Chin-Kee actually cousins?

Chin-Kee: Chin-Kee is a startling caricature of negative Chinese stereotypes. He is Danny’s larger-than-life Chinese cousin who, to Danny’s embarrassment, comes to visit every year.