Why do people say station in Bill and Ted?

Taking to Twitter on Saturday (December 9), Bill and Ted writer Ed Solomon revealed that the decision to name the movie’s now iconic alien ‘Station’ originated from a drunken typo. …

What was the deal with the station in Bill and Ted?

Station is an alien who can split into identical twins. He plays bongos for the Wyld Stallyns.

Why did evil Bill and Ted say station?

In Bill & Ted’s world, the word station has special significance. Station is a Martian word which makes the word “smurf” useless by comparison. Basically you can replace any word or phrase with station and have it mean whatever you want.

What happened to station in Bill and Ted face the music?

Station. One of the great returning characters in Bill and Ted Face the Music is William Sadler as Death. It’s great to see the Wyld Stallyns bass player back once again, but it is a little sad that not every member of the band from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey got to return.

What is Bill and Ted’s saying?

As Ted keeps talking, Bill keeps telling him to shut up, until he eventually snaps and yells, “Shut up, Ted!”

How many times do Bill and Ted say dude?

Central to Bill and Ted’s lexicon is the multipurpose monosyllable “dude”—often used as an affectionate term of address or an exclamation of wonderment. In “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” the words “dude” or “dudes” appear more than 100 times in the dialogue, usually spoken by Bill or Ted.

Did Bill and Ted face the music make a profit?

So far, in theatrical revenue the movie has only brought in a little over $5 million globally, with a little over $3 million of that from domestic theaters. In VOD revenue the movie has seemingly fared much better, with Deadline reporting the film has made $32 million.

What is the robot’s name in Bill and Ted?

Dennis Caleb McCoy
One face in particular belongs to a killer robot from the future. His name is Dennis. To be specific, the killer robot’s full name is Dennis Caleb McCoy and he is the sleeper hit character you’re going to hear a lot about now that Bill & Ted Face the Music is out in the world.

Who was the robot in Bill and Ted face the music?

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, Anthony Carrigan (who plays the time-traveling killer robot Dennis Caleb McCoy) talked about joining the legendary Bill & Ted movie franchise, his reaction to these characters when he first saw Excellent Adventure, keeping some mystery to his character until the film’s …

WHO said 69 dude?

Bill and Ted
9 “69, Dude!” Without missing a beat, the future versions of Bill and Ted tell their past selves that the number on their minds is 69, which would also be on the mind of any other moronic teenage boy.

WHO said most excellent dude?

Two most excellent dudes, William S. Preston Esq. and Theodore Logan, more widely known as Bill and Ted, are back.

Are Bill and Ted stoners?

Keanu Reeves said himself that Bill and Ted are technically not stoners. Despite what Reeves said, this series has been infamously known as a stoner film since its premiere in 1989, though neither Bill nor Ted is seen consuming cannabis by any means in the film franchise.

Where did Bill and Ted meet the station?

Station is a pair of twin aliens who Bill and Ted meet in Heaven in Bogus Journey when they try to find a way back from the afterlife. They want to stop their evil robot twins at the Los Angeles Battle of the Bands and Heaven is the avenue through which they must pass.

How did Bill and Ted get to Earth?

God sent Station to Bill and Ted, who then were all taken to Earth by Death. Station, Death, Bill, and Ted go to a store and buy some items. Then they get in the Wyld Stallyns van, and, in the back of the van, Station (as one being) constructs Good Robot Bill and Good Robot Ted. The good robots easily defeat the evil ones.

Why was the alien in Bill and Ted called station?

Something linked with the Wyld Stallyns revolution of the future. The alien was called Station thanks to the writers getting drunk and having a crazy moment with a typo. “Station started as a typo. “We deleted a scene (INT.

Are there any references to Bill and Ted?

Here are some of our favorite Bill and Ted references in Face the Music. There has never been a shortage of great musical references in the Bill and Ted series. The whole franchise is about two guys who play rock and roll, after all.