Why are Cocteau Twins so good?

Cocteau Twins were one of the three major acts of 80s Indie. Alongside The Smiths and New Order, Cocteau Twins sound helped define the decade’s alternative profile. Their sound was so different, delicate and expansive that reviewers were forced into superlatives to describe what they were hearing.

What is the consistent feature of all the tracks on the Cocteau Twins album treasure?

A fantastic, warm sound, featuring Liz’ incredible vocals, loud, spatial drums, cymbals and a mix of many guitars. Throughout the entire album all tracks are bound together by this magical, impossible to define yet very recognizable sound. But nowhere is it turned into a song more beautifully than it is on Ivo.

What was the Cocteau Twins biggest hit?

5. Aikea-Guinea

1 Wax And Wane Cocteau Twins 4:04
2 Musette And Drums Cocteau Twins 4:39
3 Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops – 12″ Version Cocteau Twins 5:13
4 Lorelei Cocteau Twins 3:43
5 Aikea-Guinea Cocteau Twins 3:57

Where are the Cocteau Twins from?

Grangemouth, United Kingdom
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Why did Will Heggie leave Cocteau Twins?

Heggie left the band on amicable terms in 1983, following the Cocteau Twins first international tour. In a 1983 interview with Jon Wilde of ZigZag, Guthrie said that the change resulted partially from the stress of touring but mainly from the fact that the tours didn’t appear to be financially efficient.

What type of music is Cocteau Twins?

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Why did the Cocteau Twins break up?

Fraser’s decision to pull out of the reformation was made for the same reasons that contribute to the band’s split in the first place: she could no longer face working with the group’s guitarist, Robin Guthrie – her lover until 1993, and the father of her first child.

Why did Cocteau Twins break up?

Are Cocteau Twins actually twins?

Cocteau Twins were a Scottish band active from 1979 to 1997. They were formed in Grangemouth by Robin Guthrie (guitars, drum machine) and Will Heggie (bass), adding Elizabeth Fraser (vocals) in 1981 and replacing Heggie with multi-instrumentalist Simon Raymonde in 1983.

Are Cocteau Twins shoegaze?

Like the Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins helped define what would become shoegaze. Often categorized as dream pop, a related genre that has also seen a resurgence, the band is a titan of the ’80s underground music scene, and their influence is far wider than any one genre.

Is hum a shoegaze?

Some of the UK shoegaze bands were grunge-friendly (Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel) and some of the US alt-rock bands borrowed elements of shoegaze (The Smashing Pumpkins, Quicksand), but it was really bands like Hum and Failure who saw the potential to combine all this stuff for the entirety of an album.

Why is m83 so good?

Gonzalez’s ability to make vintage sounds feel fresh while simultaneously indulging in the most unbridled nostalgia imaginable finally made him very successful on nearly every conceivable level. His wistful fantasies came to life. Then he had to come up with something new once again.

What was the name of the Cocteau Twins album?

Yet, a few words do stand out, primarily that title phrase: “Heaven or Las Vegas.” The Cocteau Twins’ music has always sounded otherworldly, and their many fans would certainly describe it—and rightly so—as heavenly.

When did Cocteau Twins Blue Bell Knoll come out?

But they still made beautiful music together, and they signed a deal with Capitol Records to distribute their fifth album, 1988’s Blue Bell Knoll, in America. That album is one of two getting a deluxe vinyl reissue this week via 4AD. It’s certainly a pivotal album in their career, but not necessarily one of their best.

When did Cocteau Twins heaven or Las Vegas come out?

It’s impossible to make out most of the lyrics on the title track to the Cocteau Twins ’ 1990 album, Heaven or Las Vegas. Over Robin Guthrie ’s shimmery, shivery guitar strum, singer Elizabeth Fraser bends her notes into mysterious shapes. She coos and squawks, mews and barks, murmurs and wails, as though singing in a new language.

Why did Raymonde Guthrie leave the Cocteau Twins?

Between the release of Blue Bell Knoll and the recording of Heaven or Las Vegas, Fraser gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter, yet Guthrie remained deep in the throes of drug addiction, which made him paranoid and angry. Raymonde mourned the death of his father.