Who owns Printemps?

Printemps, founded in 1865, generated sales of €1.7 billion in 2018, according to its website. Investors from Qatar bought the company in 2013 from Deutsche Bank AG and Italy’s Borletti for an undisclosed sum.

What does le Printemps?

printemps noun. spring, springtime. de preposition. of, to, from, by, with.

What are all the months in French?

The French Months of the Year and How to Enjoy Them

  • janvier (January)
  • février (February)
  • mars (March)
  • avril (April)
  • mai (May)
  • juin (June)
  • juillet (July)
  • août (August)

Is spring feminine or masculine?

The names of the seasons though are all masculine : un printemps, un été, un automne, un hiver. The prepositions you need with the names of the seasons changes in French: au printemps (in spring) en été (in summer)

How do you say the 12 months of the year in French?

6 Answers. The names of the months in French are “janvier” ‘January’, “février” ‘February’, “mars” ‘March’, “avril” ‘April’, “mai” ‘May’, “juin” ‘June’, “juillet” ‘July’, “août” ‘August’, “septembre” ‘September’, “octobre” ‘October’, “novembre” ‘November’ and “décembre” ‘December’.

What kind of investments does Borletti Group have?

Borletti Group is focused on finding great investments in luxury and branded consumer goods. The Group has a strong expertise in this sector which comes from the high level of experience in its team. Borletti Group strives to find interesting real estate investment opportunities with a retail component.

Who is Maurizio Borletti and what does he do?

Maurizio Borletti is a highly-successful entrepreneur in the luxury and retail industry for over 25 years, driving the strong focus and recognition of Borletti Group in the luxury retail and department stores sectors. Prior to founding Borletti Group he has been a successful investor in various companies.

Is the Borletti family office a separate entity?

While the Borletti Group is a separate entity from the Borletti Family Office, it shares its values of integrity and respect. We strive to offer the highest standards of integrity, respect, professionalism and confidentiality.