Who makes camlock fittings?

Pro Flow Dynamics
Pro Flow Dynamics supplies ½” up to 6” sizes of the 316 Stainless Steel camlock couplings. These are the most durable cam and groove couplings on the market, often used in sanitary applications. The ½” and ¾” SS fittings are commonly known as brewing fittings, used by home brewers everywhere.

What are the different types of camlock fittings?

The different types of Cam lock fittings (Standard Types)

  • Type A – male adaptor with female NPT thread.
  • Type B – female cam coupler with Male NPT thread.
  • Type C – female cam coupling with hose barb end.
  • Type D – female cam coupler with FNPT Thread.
  • Type E – cam adaptor with hose barb end.

What is a camlock hose?

A cam and groove coupling, also called a camlock fitting, is a form of hose coupling. This kind of coupling is popular because it is a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without tools.

What is a Type A camlock?

Type A stainless steel camlock couplings have male adaptors & female threads of the same size. The male grooved end can be inserted into any female couplers such as Type D, B, C & Dust Cap with identical size. Various gaskets are provided.

Do camlock fittings leak?

If swaged, this can result in permanent damage to the hose where larger shank serrations will cut into the inner wall of the hose. This results in leakage and/or permanent hose failure. Note: Cam & Groove couplings must never be used for steam or compressed air applications.

What is a female camlock?

The female camlock connects into the MagnaCleanse® hoses and then connects to the HTV connector, creating a straight through leak proof connection when completing a MagnaCleanse.

What is a Type F camlock?

Type F Aluminum Camlock Adapter – Male Adapter × Male NPT Aluminum camlock fittings have good abrasion resistance and fair corrosion and chemical resistance. These quick hose couplings are often used in suction hoses, industries hoses carrying water, hydraulic fluids, coolants, gasoline and petroleum products.

Are all camlock fittings the same?

Camlock fittings come in a variety of different materials which means that it is easy to select the material that will provide the most durability for each specific project or use. Quick to use: Camlock fittings are designed to be used quickly to connect or disconnect hoses or pipes from each other.

How do camlock fittings work?

How Does a Camlock Work? The assembly consists of a male groove adapter and female coupler. To connect and disconnect: Closing both handles at the same time insures that the grooved adapter is pulled down consistently onto the seal making a leak proof assembly for the safe transfer of liquids.

How do you open a cam lock without a key?

For a simple cam lock, you can get an old standard blade screwdriver that you don’t care about messing up. Use a hammer and drive the screwdriver into the key slot, the further the better. Use a pipe wrench on the screwdriver handle, and turn. In most cases, that will torque the lock open.

What is the purpose of camlock fittings?

A camlock fitting, also called a cam and groove coupling, is used to connect two hoses and or pipes together in a variety of industries, so that a commodity from one can be transferred to the other.

What are cam lock hose fittings?

Cam Lock Fittings (quick connect couplings) allow for quick, secure connections of hoses to tanks or other hoses. The name “Cam Lock” comes from the cam or lever that is used to lock one hose or fitting into place with another one. The female connector has two cams as part of the assembly.

What are cam and groove fittings?

Cam and groove is a kind of quick connect coupling usually used in industry. A cam and groove coupling, also called a camlock fitting, is a form of hose coupling.

How do cam locks work?

The lock consists of a metal plate, which is called a cam, that is attached to the core of the locking device and rotates as the key is inserted and turned. The cam rotates between 90 to 180 degrees, locking and unlocking.