Who is the owner of Fitness First?

Fitness First

Type Private
Area served 17 countries
Key people Oren Peleg, CEO
Services Health and wellness services
Owner The Gym Group and GLL (UK) Evolution Wellness (Asia) Fitness and Lifestyle Group (Australia) Landmark Group (Middle east)

Who is the CEO of Fitness First?

Oren Peleg (Jul 1, 2015–)
Fitness First/CEO

How do I cancel my Fitness First Membership Australia?

You can cancel your membership by calling us on 1300 55 77 99….3.1 How can you cancel your membership?

  1. give us your email address so we can confirm your request in writing.
  2. keep a copy of your request.
  3. make sure that you cancel your direct debits with your financial institution.

How many members does Fitness First have in Australia?

240,000 members
Fitness First is a premium, “health-club” style gym with around 60 locations spread across all states in Australia. With over 240,000 members, Fitness First is a popular choice for people looking for something more than just a gym. Fitness First can be a more expensive option than the large number of small, 24/7 gyms.

Who owns Fit n Fast?

Canberra-based Viva Leisure Limited has announced that it is to acquire 13 Fit n Fast Health Clubs at a cost of $13.5 million.

How do I cancel my gym company contract?

Please take a written cancellation letter to your gym home branch and you will also be asked to complete a request to cancel form. If your membership is still within the minimum contract period, then a cancellation fee will be applicable.

How do I contact my Fitness First club?

For all other membership queries, please contact your local club on 1300 55 77 99. Please contact our Support Office on (02) 8117 2200. If you have any feedback or questions about our clubs, our website or our service in general, please send us a message by completing our enquiry form.

What is the phone number for DW Fitness First?

Contact Number. 0208 618 3100; Fitness First is a subsidiary of DW Fitness. Their headquarters and contact centre were previously in Poole before the acquisition by DW in 2016. You can speak to a person at DW Fitness First if you call the phone number shown above. Before you can get through to a team member, you must choose:

How to contact fitness first public relations Australia?

Please contact Fitness First Public Relations on (02) 8437 5373.

How can I update my Fitness First account?

My Fitness First allows you to update your details, freeze your membership and make payments. To make a payment by phone or discuss an overdue account please call 1300 55 77 99 and select option 1 for members and then option 2.