Who is Remy in Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike?

Those who call themselves “warriors…” Just like my father, a man who deserted and betrayed his family!” Remī?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. He is a young savateur from Paris, seeking revenge against his father for abandoning him and his sister.

What kind of clothes does Remy from Street Fighter wear?

Remy is a lanky fighter with long, smooth, turquoise hair. He wears tight-fitting red pants, a black leather jacket emblazoned with a capital omega (Ω), which symbolizes the end, and brown high-heeled boots.

What’s the difference between Remy and Iori in Street Fighter?

Also of note are their color themes; Remy’s long hair and association with a ‘cooler’ blue is opposite of Iori’s spiked red hair and his “fiery” persona.

Who is Remy from The King of Fighters?

Design-wise, Remy is evocative of The King of Fighters series’ Iori Yagami. Both fighters wear similar clothing and have cold and aloof demeanors; however, Remy is a likely deliberate contrast to Iori, evidenced in their personalities and other features.

What was Remy’s theme song in third strike?

His theme song, The Beep, is a synth techno arrangement. Being in Third Strike, his song has three variations; The Beep’s first arrangement is a steady techno track, the second a more intense and wild arrangement, while the final round arrangement uses a low key steady beat into chorus variation to characterize tension.

Who is the voice actor for 3rd Strike?

Voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike . The lead character of the Street Fighter III games. He fights with close-range wrestling and quick rushing attacks. Previously, he was out to avenge the defeat of his friend Tom at the hands of Gill.