Who has the most clutch shots in the NBA?

In the article, we make a list of 5 players having the most game winning buzzer beaters in NBA history:

  • Dwyane Wade- 5 buzzer beaters.
  • Paul Pierce – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • LeBron James – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • Joe Johnson – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Kobe Bryant – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Michael Jordan – 9 buzzer beaters.

What is clutch time NBA?

Clutch time is defined as the last five minutes of a game when a team is leading or trailing by five points or fewer. Some of the most clutch players may come as a surprise, while others’ production in the game’s most important moments has come to be expected.

Who has better stats Jordan or LeBron?

Jordan is superior in the scoring department, but James grabs rebounds and dishes out assists at a higher rate….Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Regular season stats.

Jordan Per Game LeBron
30.1 Points 27.0
6.2 Rebounds 7.4
5.3 Assists 7.4
2.3 Steals 1.6

Who is the most clutch NBA player right now?

Let’s take a look.

  1. Anthony Davis. Clutch WPA: 3.03.
  2. LeBron James. Clutch WPA: 2.35.
  3. Jimmy Butler. Clutch WPA: 2.17.
  4. Kevin Durant. Clutch WPA: 2.10.
  5. Damian Lillard. Clutch WPA: 2.08.
  6. James Harden. Clutch WPA: 1.98.
  7. Chris Paul. Clutch WPA: 1.75.
  8. Jayson Tatum. Clutch WPA: 1.58.

How clutch is Harden?

During the course of the 2018-19 regular season, Harden proved to be one of the game’s most efficient scorers late during the waning stages of regulation, shooting 41.6 percent from the field in clutch time.

Who is the best clutch hitter of all time?

These are the greatest clutch hitters in Major League Baseball history.

  • Derek Jeter, Shortstop.
  • Albert Pujols, First Base, Third Base and Left Field.
  • Kirk Gibson, Outfield.
  • Reggie Jackson, Right Field.
  • Joe Carter, Outfield and First Base.
  • Lou Gehrig, First Base.
  • Babe Ruth, Outfield and Pitcher.

Does LeBron have more points than Jordan?

Jordan averaged 30.1 points per game in his career, while James is averaging 27.0 points per game during his. But thanks to James playing in over 200 more games than Jordan, LeBron has scored over 3,000 more points than Michael. Outside of scoring, there is no debating that James has had the better all-around career.

Who is better LeBron or curry?

The consensus is Curry was better than James in the regular season, and more available to his team. James, of course, was no slouch himself this season. He wound up playing in just 45 games, but still averaged 25.0 points, 7.8 assists and 7.7 rebounds per game.

Is LeBron a clutch?

LeBron James stat proves clutch gene as he chases Lakers icon Kobe Bryant’s all-time record. For any haters who claim that LeBron James isn’t clutch, you might wanna show them the numbers. The Los Angeles Lakers star has the second most final-minute clutch shots in NBA history, behind who else but Kobe Bryant.

Who is the most clutch athlete of all time?

The 10 Most Clutch Professional Athletes in Sporting History

  1. Michael Jordan. What, you expected someone else to be here?
  2. Joe Montana. Look, you don’t earn yourself the nickname “Joe Cool” by panicking when the game’s on the line.
  3. Adam Vinatieri.
  4. Patrick Roy.
  5. Tom Brady.
  6. Kobe Bryant.
  7. Tiger Woods.
  8. Reggie Jackson.

Is James Harden clutch in playoffs?

NBA playoffs: James Harden’s clutch block clinches series for Rockets, sets up Lakers clash.