Who has the highest GDP in 2010?

Fifteen largest countries by incremental GDP (Nominal)

Year 1st 2nd
2010-2015 China United States
2005-2010 China United States
2000-2005 United States China
1995-2000 United States China

What is the GDP of Cuba in 2021?

93.90 USD Billion
GDP in Cuba is expected to reach 93.90 USD Billion by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Cuba GDP is projected to trend around 97.30 USD Billion in 2022, according to our econometric models.

What is the GDP in Cuba 2020?

GDP (PPP): $159.4 billion. 0.5% growth. 1.8% 5-year compound annual growth.

What is the GDP growth rate in 2010 11?

Alongside, however, the GDP growth for 2010-11 fiscal stands revised upwards to 9.3 per cent from 8.4 per cent, as per the first revised estimates of ‘National income, consumption expenditure, saving and capital formation’, released here by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2011-12 along with second revised …

What was GDP in 2000?

$10,251,000 million
The GDP figure in 2000 was $10,251,000 million, United States is the world’s leading economy with regard to GDP, as can be seen in the ranking of GDP of the 195 countries that we publish. The absolute value of GDP in United States rose $619,800 million with respect to 1999.

What is the richest country in the world 2010?

Qatar has now become the richest country in the world, surpassing Luxembourg in terms of gross domestic product per capita in 2010, according to new International Monetary Fund data reported by Arabian Business.

What is the unemployment rate in Cuba 2021?

3.50 percent
Unemployment Rate in Cuba is expected to reach 3.50 percent by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Where does Cuba rank in education?


Total population 97% Ranked 48th.
Primary education, duration > Years 6 Ranked 57th. The same as United States
Primary education, teachers per 1000 7.87 Ranked 9th. 43% more than United States
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary 9.06 Ranked 72nd.

Which sector has highest share in GDP in 2010-11?

services sector
the services sector to the Indian economy has been manifold: a 55.2 per cent share in gross domestic product (GDP), growing by 10 per cent annually, contributing to about a quarter of total employment, accounting for a high share in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and over one-third of total exports, and …

What is the GDP per capita of Cuba?

Cuba GDP – Historical Data Year GDP Per Capita Growth 2018 $100.02B $8,822 2.25% 2017 $96.85B $8,541 1.81% 2016 $91.37B $8,061 0.51% 2015 $87.13B $7,694 4.44%

What was the economy of Cuba during the Cold War?

During the Cold War period, the Cuban economy was heavily dependent on subsidies from the Soviet Union, valued at $65 billion in total from 1960 to 1990 (over three times as the entirety of U.S. economic aid to Latin America), an average of $2.17 billion a year. This accounted for anywhere between 10% and 40% of Cuban GDP, depending on the year.

Where does Cuba rank on the Human Development Index?

In 2019, Cuba ranked 70th out of 189 countries, with a Human Development Index of 0.783, placed in the high human development category. As of 2012 , the country’s public debt comprised 35.3% of GDP, inflation (CDP) was 5.5%, and GDP growth was 3%. Housing and transportation costs are low.