Who has played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera in London?

Original casts

Character Original West End cast Royal Albert Hall 25th Anniversary cast
The Phantom of the Opera Michael Crawford Ramin Karimloo
Christine Daaé Sarah Brightman Claire Moore† Sierra Boggess
Raoul de Chagny Steve Barton Hadley Fraser
Carlotta Giudicelli Rosemary Ashe Wendy Ferguson

How many cast recordings does The Phantom of the Opera have?

Songs also appear on these recordings (136)

Recording Songs
Centre Stage – 1990 Anthony Warlow The Music of the Night
On And Off Stage – 1990 Dave Willetts The Music of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera
All I Ask Of You – 1991 Vicki Shepard All I Ask of You
The Broadway I Love – 1991 Placido Domingo All I Ask of You

Is there a recording of Phantom of the Opera?

In January 1986, the original recording of “The Phantom of the Opera” was released as a single to promote the upcoming musical of the same name. The duet was performed by Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley. The song became a Top 10 hit in the UK, peaking at number 7 and remaining in the charts for ten weeks.

Who has played Phantom of the Opera?

The top actors who have played the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera

  • Michael Crawford. 575goofy.
  • Ramin Karimloo. 1947dave.
  • John Owen-Jones. Mike Campbell.
  • Simon Bowman. let your fantasies unwind.
  • Peter Polycarpou. let your fantasies unwind.
  • Ben Forster. Ben Forster Base.
  • Tim Howar. BL’s 2nd Channel of Music and Other Oddities.

Who is the best Phantom of the Opera?

Michael Crawford In 1991, 1,300 performances and three and a half years later, Michael Crawford left The Phantom of the Opera. He will always be known by fans of the musical as the original and best Phantom.

How much does The Phantom of the Opera get paid?

Making the glorious Phantoms yearly salary equate to $4,277,687.52, not counting the “free” box seats to every show.

Who is the longest running phantom?

Howard McGillin
Next up, Howard McGillin, who holds the record for the longest-running Broadway Phantom with a whopping 2,544 performances beginning in 1999, explains why the beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is like riding a perfect California wave, and share a second tale of onstage nausea!

Is Phantom of the Opera on Netflix 2020?

Sorry, The Phantom of the Opera is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Japan and start watching Japanese Netflix, which includes The Phantom of the Opera.

Where is Phantom of the Opera playing in 2021?

the Majestic Theatre
The Phantom of the Opera will return to the Majestic Theatre from Oct. 22, 2021, continuing its run as the longest-running Broadway musical of all time.

Did Gerard Butler really sing in the Phantom?

While actors like Rossum and Wilson had singing and theatre experience before being cast in The Phantom of the Opera, other actors in the movie did not. Butler ended up having singing lessons after he was cast as the famous Phantom of the Opera. “I always just sang for me, for fun,” Butler told WTOP.

How old was Christine Daae when she died?

Many people kind of forgot about this, but in the 2004 movie, Christine is said to have died when she was 60 something.

Are the actors in Phantom of the Opera actually singing?

All of the principal actors sang in the film except for Minnie Driver . Most of the actors have a background in musicals or opera, but Driver (a skilled singer) had no experience in opera and was dubbed by Margaret Preece, a singing teacher from Solihull, UK. Secondly, did Minnie Driver do her own singing in Phantom of the Opera?

Who sang the original Phantom of the Opera?

“The Phantom of the Opera” is a song from the stage musical of the same name. It was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber , with lyrics written by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe , and additional lyrics by Mike Batt . The song was originally recorded by Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley, which became a UK hit single in 1986, prior to the musical.

Who was the original Phantom in London and on Broadway?

London’s original Phantom was Michael Crawford, and he would go with the show when it traversed the pond to Broadway. Crawford won a Tony Award for his efforts, bringing a palpable aching to the role of the disfigured specter. Crawford was no stranger to musical theater when he originated this iconic role.

Who played The Phantom of the Opera in 1986?

Lloyd Webber also premiered The Phantom of the Opera in 1986, inspired by the 1911 Gaston Leroux novel. He wrote the part of Christine for his then-wife, Sarah Brightman , who played the role in the original London and Broadway productions alongside Michael Crawford as the Phantom.