Who did the Patrick homework?

Answer: Patrick hated doing his homework. So when the little man promised to grant him a wish, Patrick asked the elf to do all his homework for 35 days, until the end of the semester.

Why was Patrick grabbed the little doll surprised?

It was a fact because at times, he used to feel like an ignorant person who was completely helpless in this regard. He had no interest in studies and homework. Then one day he found his cat playing with a little doll and he grabbed it away. To his surprise, it wasn’t a doll at all, but a man of the tiniest size.

Who do you think did Patrick’s homework the little man or Patrick himself?

It was not the little man but Patrick himself had did his homework as little man did not know anything, in English, maths and human history. Patrick had to consult dictionary, guide him with maths and help him to read too. He stayed up at nights and worked hard.

Who did Patrick homework question and answer?

Answer: Patrick had saved the tiny man’s life from the cat by not handing him back to the cat. So he promised to fulfill one wish of Patrick. Answer: Patrick hated doing homework. His greatest wish was that the little man should do all his homework till the end of the session.

What did Patrick like to do instead of doing homework?

Patrick never liked to do his homework. He hated to do his homework because for him it was too boring. Instead of doing his homework, he used to play hockey basketball and Nintendo. Patrick saved him from the cat and, wished that elf should do his homework for one semester that is for 35 days.

Who did Patrick’s homework 6 Mcq?

MCQ Questions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework? with Answers. Patrick never did his homework because: (a) he loved to watch T.V. Question 4.

What was the farmer comment on his wife fears?

Answer: The farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears was that she needn’t be afraid. He said that the mongoose was a friendly animal; it was as sweet as the baby and they were the best of friends.

WHO welcomed the king?

Ans: The second bird welcomed the king to the ashram. He requested the stranger to drink water, take rest and make himself comfortable. He added that his brother lived in the company of robbers, so he talked like them. 5.