Who are the finalists for The Voice 2020?

‘The Voice’ 2020: Season 19′s Final Five Contestants Revealed!

  • DeSz. Team: Kelly. Age: 30. Hometown: Houston, Texas.
  • Ian Flanigan. Team: Blake. Age: 30. Hometown: Saugerties, New York.
  • John Holiday. Team: John. Age: 35. Hometown: Rosenberg, Texas.
  • Jim Ranger. Team: Blake. Age: 38.
  • Carter Rubin. Team: Gwen. Age: 14.

Who are the top five on the Voice 2020?

The remaining five singers – Pia Renee (Legend), Gihanna Zoë (Clarkson), Corey Ward (Clarkson), Dana Monique (Jonas) and Jordan Matthew Young (Shelton) – went head-to-head for the last Instant Save of the season and the last spot in the finale.

Who are the Top 9 performers on the voice?

‘The Voice’ Top 9 Revealed — Who Won the Instant Save?

  • America’s Vote: Cam Anthony.
  • Blake’s Save: Jordan Matthew Young.
  • America’s Vote: Rachel Mac.
  • Nick’s Save: Dana Monique.
  • America’s Vote: Victor Solomon.
  • John’s Save: Pia Renee.
  • America’s Vote: Kenzie Wheeler.
  • Kelly’s Save: Gihanna Zoe.

Who are the Top 5 finalists on The Voice?

The only thing separating one of the top five finalists – Rachel Mac, 16; Cam Anthony, 19; Victor Solomon, 22; Kenzie Wheeler, 23; and Jordan Matthew Young, 35 – from hoisting “The Voice” trophy is two final performances on Monday.

Why did Adam Levine leave voice?

Per Oprah Daily, Levine previously addressed why he walked away from his coaching duties on “The Voice” during a 2019 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” revealing that he left to spend more time with his children. “I do miss it, but I also don’t miss how much I had to work,” he said.

Who got 3rd place on The Voice 2021?

The Swon Brothers take 3rd place in ‘The Voice’ finale.

Who are the top voice contestants?

Most Successful Voice Competitors

  • Koryn Hawthorne (season 8)
  • Nicolle Galyon (season 2)
  • Cassadee Pope (season 3)
  • Morgan Wallen (season 6)
  • Jordan Smith (season 9)

Who are the top 9 in The Voice 2021?

‘The Voice’ Teams 2021: Who Is in the Top 9?

  • Team Blake Shelton. Trae Patton/NBC Pictured: Cam Anthony, Blake Shelton, Jordan Matthew Young.
  • Team John Legend. Trae Patton/NBCPictured: Victor Solomon, John Legend, Pia Renee.
  • Team Nick Jonas. Trae Patton/NBC Pictured: (l-r) Dana Monique, Nick Jonas, Rachel Mac.

Who are the best teen singers on the voice?

12 Best Teen Singers From ‘The Voice’ 1 Addison Agen, 16. 2 Aliyah Moulden, 15. 3 Britton Buchanan, 16. 4 Brynn Cartelli, 15. 5 Chevel Shepherd, 16. 6 Christina Grimmie, 19. 7 Danielle Bradbery, 16. 8 Emily Ann Roberts, 16. 9 Jacquie Lee, 16. 10 Jake Worthington, 17.

How old are the winners of the voice?

Over its first 18 seasons, NBC’s The Voice has heard from the best teen singers across the globe — and has even crowned four winners under the age of 20.

Which is the best the voice of YouTube?

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Who are the country singers on the voice?

The country singer told Entertainment Tonight in May that she takes inspiration from legendary acts such as Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker and Gretchen Wilson in her music that blends “the super, super classic sounding, some of the sassy stuff, and the storytelling.”