Who are Gil Bates parents?

William Gilvin “Gil” Bates was born on January 1, 1965, to William “Bill” Bates and Jane (Hartsell) Bates in Honea Path, South Carolina.

How did Kelly and Gil Bates meet?

Kelly Jo attended Anderson College, where she met Gil Bates. According to a television interview, Gil was taken with Kelly right away, but she didn’t notice him. It was only once Gil needed science help, and Kelly as a lab assistant tutored him, that she began to notice him.

What is Gil Bates occupation?

Gil Bates/Professions

How does Gil Bates make money?

Outside of Bringing up Bates, the family patriarch, Gil Bates, owns the excavating company Bates Tree Service and also heads his own church as its pastor.

Who’s pregnant in the Bates family?

Bates family, roll call! Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates and husband Evan Stewart are expecting their second baby together, E! News can exclusively reveal. Carlin and Evan’s bundle of joy will join big sister Layla Rae, who was born in January 2020. “Stewart Baby No.

Who is the oldest Bates daughter?

  • William Gilvin “Gil” Bates – born January 1, 1965.
  • Kelly Jo Bates (née Callaham) – born October 26, 1966.

What religion are Gil and Kelly Bates?

Gil and Kelly Bates, who are evangelical, conservative Christians, didn’t really want a big family when they got married 23 years ago.

Is Gil Bates a pastor?

Bates was ordained through a Baptist church in Tennessee more than 10 years ago. He is pastor of newly formed Bible Baptist Church in Clinton, Tennessee, which currently conducts services in a hotel.

What is the Bates family religion?

Does Michaela Bates have a baby?

The couple has been married for more than five years and does not have any children yet, which is quite unusual for a large family like theirs. It is evident that they both love children and dote on their nephews and nieces. Michaela’s love for kids is no news as she always longed to have kids of her own.

Do the Bates use birth control?

The Bates are evangelical Christians who do not believe in the use of birth control. Kelly, a 44-year-old stay-at-home mom, has been pregnant every year for the past 22 years — which some might consider to be a medical marvel — and doesn’t shy away from the thought of having more children.

Did Michaela Bates have a baby?

In June alone, three new babies were born, Jadon, Hazel, and Charlotte. So, Michaela and Brandon enjoyed soaking up some newborn snuggles. Not only did Michaela and Brandon get to hang out with the newborns, but they also spent some time with the older kiddos.

How many children does Gil Bates have?

Gil and Kelly Bates have 19 children. Three are married (Zach, Erin, and Alyssa), and another (Michaella) is in a courtship.

What are the names of Gil and Kelly Bates’ children?


  • Kaci and Khloé.
  • Michaela Bates. The nursing student wed Brandon Keilen in August 2015.
  • Erin Bates.
  • Lawson Bates.
  • Bible Baptist Church is a Baptist church in Clinton, TN. It is led by Pastor Gil Bates. They are most known for the attendance of Gil and the rest of the Bates family .