Which type of questions are asked in NTS?

There are different types of question are categorized in NTS test. In Every test Quantitative reasoning, verbal ability, non-verbal reasoning, general knowledge test, Islamic test, Pakistan affair test are required. There are 100 MCQS in NAT -1 test and the time duration of the NAT-1 papers is 2 hours.

Is NTS is a online test?

NTS Test Preparation 2021 All NTS tests are MCQS based. There are 100 MCQS in NAT-11 paper and the time duration of the NAT 11 is two hours (120 minutes). There is no negative marking in the test. GAT general and GAT subject online test is also available on ilmkidunya website.

Is NTS test computer based?

NAT test is compulsory for the students who want to get admission in NTS associated universities. NAT-ICS is the test for the aspirants who want to continue their further studies in computer science field. The test is based on 90 Multiple Choice Questions and the given time to attempt the test is 120 minutes.

What subjects are included in NTS test?

Test consists of following four parts: Verbal (English) Quantitative reasoning. Analytical reasoning….Preparation for Verbal (English)

  • Usage of words e.g. verb, noun, adverb, preposition and conjunction in sentence.
  • Antonyms and synonyms.
  • Analogies (word pairs)
  • Paragraph based questions.
  • Tense related questions.

Which book is best for NTS test?

These books can be downloaded easily from internet or can be bought from your nearest bookshop.

  • Dogar’s Unique NTS Guide.
  • Analytical Question Book.
  • NTS Guide Book.
  • English Grammar Test Package.
  • National Testing Service NTS Complete Solved Book of NAT, GAT,GRE Test.
  • Shortcuts in Mathematics Book.

How much time is given for NTS test?


Curriculum for NAT™-IGS (Education in General Science Group)
Total No of Questions = 90
Time Allowed = 120 minutes
Topics No. of Questions Percentages
A: English 20 22.2

How can I apply for NTS exam?

Candidates can fill the application form offline after downloading it from the official website. They can also access their application form from the office of the Liaison Officer. NTSE 2021 stage 2 exam was successfully conducted on October 24, 2021. The application fee may apply for Stage I as per state policies.

What are passing marks of NTS test?

What are passing marks of NTS test – Answers. Passing Marks for NTS Test is 60 and you must Achieve Minimum 60% to Alive. NTS has no basic standards of passing percentage. NTS only focuses on reserved the right policy. When majority of students get 60% marks, NTS makes the standard of 65% passing only.

What is NTS entry test?

NTS conducts all forced entry test in their DOS approved facility in accordance to the SD-STD-01.01 standard. All testing is witnessed by DOS personnel with NTS providing reports on all tests performed. Testing in accordance with various test methods and standards including:

Is it possible to change test center I NTS?

NTS representative has no authority to change test center. He’s only responsible to address candidates queries. Write an application to Manager Operations and Fax it to 051-8444900. If you receive a confirmation call from NTS, your test center will surely be changed one day before the test but you have to keep visiting NTS for further updates.

Is there negative marking system for NTS?

In scheduled NAT there is no negative marking up till now. However; NTS may change rules for negative marking in future. The negative marking is applied in many customized NAT tests. You can have high score in NAT easily if you concentrate your weaknesses and strengths.