Which method of GenericServlet class is abstract?

GenericServlet is an abstract class and it has only one abstract method, which is service(). That’s why when we create Generic Servlet by extending GenericServlet class, we must override service() method.

Why GenericServlet is an abstract class?

It provides simple versions of the lifecycle methods init and destroy and of the methods in the ServletConfig interface. GenericServlet also implements the log method, declared in the ServletContext interface. To write a generic servlet, you need only override the abstract service method.

Which methods initializes the GenericServlet class?

Methods of GenericServlet class public void init(ServletConfig config) is used to initialize the servlet. public abstract void service(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) provides service for the incoming request. It is invoked at each time when user requests for a servlet.

In which package generic servlet class is present?

Class javax.servlet.GenericServlet
servlet. GenericServlet. The GenericServlet class implements the Servlet interface and, for convenience, the ServletConfig interface.

What is difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet?

-> GenericServlet is a super class of HttpServlet class. -> The main difference is that, HttpServlet is a protocol dependent whereas GenericServlet is protocol independent. So GenericServlet can handle all types of protocols, but HttpServlet handle only HTTP specific protocols.

Which method is called only once in servlet life cycle?

init() Method
The init() Method The init method is called only once. It is called only when the servlet is created, and not called for any user requests afterwards. So, it is used for one-time initializations, just as with the init method of applets.

How to create a GenericServlet class in Java?

GenericServlet is an abstract class which implements Servlet and ServletConfig interface. GenericServlet class can also be used to create a Servlet. GenericServlet class is part of the Servlet API and the full path to import this class is javax.servlet.GenericServlet. Some ways to create a Servlet. By implementing the Servlet interface.

Which is an abstract class which implements Servlet interface?

We know, GenericServlet is an abstract class which implements Servlet and ServletConfig interface. Hence, GenericServlet class has implemented all the methods of Servlet interface except service (ServletRequest, ServletResponse) method of Servlet interface.

Can a generic servlet handle any type of request?

GenericServlet class can handle any type of request so it is protocol-independent. You may create a generic servlet by inheriting the GenericServlet class and providing the implementation of the service method.

When do you need to subclass a servlet?

Servlet developers typically subclass GenericServlet, or its descendent HttpServlet, unless the servlet needs another class as a parent. (If a servlet does need to subclass another class, the servlet must implement the Servlet interface directly. This would be necessary when, for example, RMI or CORBA objects act as servlets.)