Which is the highest rated TV show in the Philippines?

Despite being new on the scene, TV5’s LOL has surpassed long-running noontime shows in the Philippines. From December 2020 to March 2021, LOL took the #1 spot on ratings, getting ahead of It’s Showtime which airs on A2Z. In January, LOL garnered 816K Average Minute Ratings (AMR) – the highest on record for LOL.

How many people watch TV in the Philippines?

The NUTAM, does not comprise the entire Philippines, but only the urban centers. The survey encompasses 34 million individuals or 95% of urban Philippines, which comprises around 57 percent of the entire TV viewing population of the country. ^ Dumlao, Doris (6 February 2013).

How big is Kantar Media in the Philippines?

Kantar Media is responsible for audience measurement of television ratings for the entire Philippines. As of 2015, Kantar Media uses a nationwide panel size of 2,610 urban and rural households, with a respondent base of 7,000 individuals that represent one hundred percent (100%) of the total Philippine TV viewing population.

How big is the Nielsen panel in the Philippines?

AGB Nielsen conducts audience measurement of television ratings for certain areas in the Philippines, most notably in urban areas. As of 2013, AGB Nielsen uses a panel size of 1,980 households based solely in urban areas that represent 57 percent of the total Philippine TV viewing population.

Based on the data presented, the highest rating recorded by FPJAP is registered at 34.5% which on Thursday, February 6, while the highest of Anak ni Waray was on Tuesday and Thursday at 17% both as per Kantar Media. Make It with You vs. The Gift

How big is the TV panel in the Philippines?

The AGB uses a panel size of 1,980 homes from solely the Urban areas or 57% of the total viewing population of the Philippine TV. On the other hand, the Kantar has a panel size of 2,610 of both rural and urban areas which represent the 100% of the Philippine TV viewing population.

What are the TV ratings for ABS-CBN?

AGB Nielsen (Nutam People in TV Homes) and Kantar Media (Nationwide) are two companies which present data in terms of ratings earned by the shows offered by two of the biggest media giants in the country – ABS-CBN and GMA.