Which is the best STATUS aerial?

Best Caravan Aerials (Some Best Sellers)

  • TV Village Portable Digital Magnetic Mount Aerial For Motor-home Caravan Boat or Car.
  • Vision Plus Status 570 4G Directional TV and DAM Antenna Aerial Kit.
  • August DTA240 HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna.
  • 1byone Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna.

What is a STATUS aerial?

The Vision Plus Status 355 Aerial is designed for digital television signals and FM radio reception. The omni-directional aerial receives horizontal and vertical signals through 360 degrees and incorporates a power amplifier with variable gain adjustment.

Is a Status 315 aerial digital?

Since then I have spoken to a service engineer who stated that the old type status 315 aerial is a non digital aerial and needs to be replaced with the later 330 status or above and that the original status signal booster also needs replacing too (you can see in the link the type of signal booster currently installed).

Why is my caravan Aerial not working?

Replace Faulty TV Aerial Socket Or Wall-Plate. Another common reason for a bad caravan TV signal is having a faulty aerial wall-plate. When you suspect your wall-plate is damaged and is the reason why caravan TV aerial seems not to work, you have to replace it.

Is a status aerial digital?

The Status 570 is ideal for Digital TV, DAB and FM Radio reception, the antenna system has a dedicated TV transmitter locator and signal finder. The antenna system is compatible with 12 – 24V DC power input connections, ideal for your caravan, camper or motorhome.

Why is my caravan aerial not working?

Are there any status aerials that still work?

YES the Status aerials work fine in many locations. The directional vesrion will work in more locations. NO you do not need satellite. NB You are likely to need to retune the TV at different sites.

Do you need a satellite dish for a status aerial?

If you have a Status Omni-directional and plan to go to locations where the signal is poor then as back up I would suggest you consider a mast mounted directional aerial and/or a portable satellite dish kit, this covers the basics.

Do you need a satellite aerial for caravan TV?

Satellite and Freeview are two very different things albeit the end result is essentially the same. To receive Freeview you need a normal TV aerial (or Status 315/330/530 etc in caravan-speak) and either a TV with a built-in Freeview tuner or a set-top box (STB) and a TV with suitable external input capability.