Which branch of military Reserves is best?

Which is the best branch for reserve/guard duty?

  • AIr Force ๐Ÿ™‚ 37%
  • ARMY Guard. 19%
  • ARMY Reserve. 17%
  • NAVY Reserve. 16%
  • Marine Corps Reserve. 11%

Can you be a Green Beret in the Reserves?

However, there are also reserve components to these units like the 19th and 20th Group of the Special Forces โ€“ which can be entered through the Army National Guard as a civilian or as a former military member. And they earn the actual Green Beret โ€“ this is not a reserve course.

Do reservists qualify for VA benefits?

Generally, all Reserve and National Guard members discharged or released under conditions that are not dishonorable are eligible for some VA benefits. State Active Duty is based on state law and does not qualify as โ€œactive serviceโ€ for VA benefits.

Can you do Ranger school in the Reserves?

The U.S. Army’s Ranger School provides its toughest training for combat soldiers and produces some of the world’s most formidable warriors. Although it’s rare, reservists can be selected to complete Ranger School. They can’t serve in the Ranger Regiment, however, until they first volunteer for active service.

Do Army Special Forces get paid more?

VILSECK, Germany โ€” Soldiers who join Special Forces can get an extra $1,000 a month, while current SF troops are eligible for up to $150,000 in re-enlistment bonuses as the Army moves to add 2,300 Green Berets over four years.

Can I go straight to Special Forces?

Recruits can enlist straight into Special Forces. These recruits go through basic training and then immediately enter the Special Forces training pipeline. If they fail or are simply aren’t selected during the Special Forces assessment, they are re-assigned to infantry.

Why are reservists not considered veterans?

Every single branch of the military has its own reserves. When you join the reserves, you complete basic training and military school and then you go back to your civilian life. At this point, since you’re not considered to be active duty, you’re not considered a veteran.

Is a 6 year reservist considered a veteran?

Thus former or current members of the National Guard or Reserves are not considered to be veterans unless they had prior or subsequent service with an active component of the Armed Forces. (Reservists called to active duty by Executive Order qualify as veterans.)

What mos can become a Ranger?

All infantry and artillery military occupational specialties (MOS) must complete the course before they assume a leadership role in the regiment. Ranger Regiment Soldiers in other MOS may attend Ranger School when they are ready.