Where is Paul Kalkbrenner from?

Leipzig, Germany
Paul Kalkbrenner/Place of birth

Is Paul Kalkbrenner married?

Simina Grigorium. 2012
Paul Kalkbrenner/Spouse

The tour for the album brought together over 125,000 fans. That same summer, Kalkbrenner came to Ibiza for the first time to speak at the International Music Summit and play at one of Ibiza’s renowned clubs, Amnesia. On 25 August 2012, Kalkbrenner married Romanian DJ/producer Simina Grigoriu.

What does Paul Kalkbrenner use?

Ableton Live
Kalkbrenner uses software synthesizers, sequencer (Ableton Live) in combination with MIDI controllers, hardware synthesizers and drum machines for his live shows. It is a set up he feels comfortable with, and does not foresee changing.

Who is Paul Kalkbrenner married to?

Ana Simina Grigoriu married Kalkbrenner (born 8 May 1981 in Bucharest) is a Romanian-Canadian DJ and music producer from Toronto specializing in electronic techno music. She has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany, since 2008.

When was Ikarus Bus Company established in Hungary?

It was established in 1895 as Imre Uhry’s Blacksmith Workshop and Coach Factory (hun.: Uhry Imre Kovács- és Kocsigyártó Üzeme) and during the Communist era in Hungary it dominated bus markets of the entire Eastern Bloc and its allies.

Who are the most important customers of Ikarus?

The company’s three most important customers were the Hungarian State companies Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), the Hungarian State Railways Auto Transportation Company (MAVART) and one of the predecessors of Budapest Transportation Company (BSzKRt).

When did the first Ikarus car come out?

Hence the Ikarus Body- and Vehicle Factory ( Ikarus Karosszéria- és Járműgyár) was created on 8 February. However, the company’s products still did not bear the name Ikarus until 1951, although the winged logo started to appear even on the Tr 5 models, built after 1949, and the three other models, not using the company name.

Who are the main characters in Berlin Calling?

Cast and characters. As listed on the film’s official website, the cast of Berlin Calling included: Paul Kalkbrenner (Martin “Ickarus” Karow) Rita Lengyel (Mathilde) Corinna Harfouch (Professor Doctor Petra Paul) Araba Walton (Mathilde’s lesbian friend) Peter Schneider (Crystal Pete, a patient at the clinic)