Where is Charles River Apparel located?

Sharon, Massachusetts
Our goods ship out of our warehouse in Sharon, Massachusetts.

Are Charles River jackets waterproof?

The original New Englander rain jacket is the essential rainwear jacket, made exclusively by Charles River Apparel. Wind and waterproof with heat-sealed seams to keep out wind and rain. Charles River Apparel offers function that performs and fashion that lasts.

Is the Charles River clean?

The Charles River runs through Eastern Massachusetts into Boston. It currently has a “B” water quality grade, which means it is safe for all boating activities and some swimming activities. In 1995, only 39% of the samples met Massachusetts’s quality standards and 19% met swimming standards.

Can you swim in the Charles River 2021?

Due to important safety considerations, swimming in the Charles River is only allowed if a permit is obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MassDCR) and we work in partnership with MassDCR to obtain a Special Use Permit for this unique event.

Can you swim in the Charles River 2020?

Is it illegal to jump in the Charles River?

I sent an inquiry to the Charles River Conservancy, then set out for the dock. A hail out to a trooper on a passing State Police boat yielded an encouraging answer: “It’s not illegal.” Asked it that meant it was OK to jump in, the trooper pointed out that there were no ladders.

How to become a distributor for Charles River apparel?

If you are a consumer looking to return or exchange a product you have received, this must be done at the retail location or with the distributor through which your product was purchased. If your business is looking to become an official Distributor or Retail, please complete our “Distributor Application.”

Who are the founders of Charles River apparel?

Charles River Apparel – founded in New England values, designed to perform in the same climate without the cost. A clothing brand that can bring you from the office to after hours.

Do you need a new login password for Charles River?

**Welcome to our new website! All customers must create a new login password in order to first log into their account** If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team. Are you a Distributor or Retailer looking to open an account with us?