Where can I find the UC San Diego job bulletin?

See UC San Diego Job Bulletin job vacancies are categorized into occupational groups that reflect the major duties and responsibilities of each group. To immediately access the tool and bypass this information, go directly to the UC San Diego Job Bulletin.

How to apply for a job at UCSD?

UCSD Employment Opportunities: Information about applying for staff, faculty, and student jobs. How to Apply for a Staff Job: Blink’s step-by-step guide for new applicants to staff positions. Temporary Employment Opportunities: Information on how to apply for temporary employment.

What kind of jobs are available at UC San Diego?

New jobs — Jobs in all categories that have been posted in the past 7 days. Accounting, Financial, and Professional — Exempt and non-exempt positions with responsibilities for the administration and management of university operations in academics, research, and business; includes all analysts, accountants, buyers, and management services officers.

What do you need to sign in at UC San Diego?

Please enter your Username and Password, then click “Sign In”. If you are a first time user, click on the “Create A New Account” link below. User name is required.

How to get temporary employment at UC San Diego?

UCSD Temporary Employment — Find out about temporary employment services at UCSD and how to become a member of the temporary employment pool. For more information, contact UCSD Human Resources at (858) 534-2812. Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements.

What does UC San Diego do for a living?

At UC San Diego Health, we are transforming patient care through groundbreaking research, inspired education and innovation. Our goal is to create a healthier world by improving healthcare in San Diego and beyond. We are committed to achieving this through new science, new medicine and new cures.