Where can I buy Yuen Tong?

Tong yuen have a chewy texture similar to mochi. You can buy them in the frozen section of Asian supermarkets, but they are easy to make. They are eaten at Chinese reunion dinners, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, the winter solstice and Lunar New Year because the round shape represents harmony.

Why do we eat Tong Yuan?

For many Chinese, tang yuan usually eaten together with family. The round shape of the balls and the bowls where they were served, come to symbolize the family togetherness and everything will smoothly in the coming new year. Tang Yuan are made of glutinous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured.

What Chinese holiday do you eat Tang Yuan?

Lantern Festival
Lunar New Year is a 15-day celebration, with this year’s beginning on Feb. 16. Tang yuan is usually consumed on the last day, which is celebrated as the Yuan Xiao Festival (aka Lantern Festival).

What flavors can Tang Yuan have?

5 Trendy Tang Yuan Flavours In Taiwan That Make Us Wanna Fly Our Fams Over For Reunion Dinner

  • Skippy peanut butter.
  • Salted egg.
  • Strawberry condensed milk.
  • Brown sugar.
  • Brown sugar tang yuan with tapioca pearl filling.
  • Bonus: BBT tang yuan in Singapore.
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What does tang yuan taste like?

What It Tastes Like. Traditionally, tang yuan is white, but because people have started consuming the food year-round as a dessert, they now come in a wide variety of colors and fillings. There are typically two main styles: sweet or savory.

Can you eat tangyuan cold?

Then drain and transfer the glutinous rice balls into the ginger syrup prepared earlier. And we’re done! These colourful sweet glutinous rice balls can be served hot or cold. As always, Enjoy!

How does tang yuan taste like?

How many calories are in tang yuan?

HPA Community Health Division head Lin Li-ju (林莉茹) said tangyuan are high in calories and four tangyuan with sweet black sesame filling contain about 280 calories, almost the equivalent of a bowl of cooked rice. A person who weighs 60kg would have to walk for about 80 minutes to burn off the calories.

What does Tang Yuan taste like?

Why do we eat tang yuan during Chinese New Year?

Tang-yuan (dumplings made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or spicy fillings) is what most southern families have for breakfast on the day of Chinese New Year. So we believe Tang-yuan stands for reunion and brings good luck for families.

How many calories are in Tang Yuan?

How do you eat tangyuan?

The best way to enjoy a glutinous rice ball is by slowly sinking your teeth into it, so you have a good mixture of the bland skin and sweet filling in one bite. Enjoy the contrasting textures of the smooth, chewy skin and the runny, lava-like filling.