What would you lead in a no trump contract?

If partner has opened the bidding or overcalled, and opponents buy the contract in no-trumps, lead his / her suit unless there is a good reason not to. If the opponents reach 3NT and have not used Stayman, or if there has been a failed Stayman auction, there is a major suit bias.

Can you lead away from an ace in a no trump contract?

There is much validity to this, but it needs clarification: At Trick One (although not once dummy is tabled), in a trump contract (not notrumps), it is most unwise to lead a low card from a suit headed by the ace. …

Why do you not lead away from an ace in bridge?

Leading away from an Ace is common against notrump contracts. Declarer won’t later be able to ruff our Ace. If we lead the ♦K, declarer will eventually get a trick with the ♦Q. If we lead the ♦5, as recommended by the guidelines, declarer’s ♦Q is trapped, and we get all the tricks to which we are entitled.

What is the best card to lead in bridge?

When you have three consecutive cards starting with an honour, you lead the top card against any contract. However, when you have just two cards the story is very different. You should lead the top card against a suit contract, but the ‘normal’ fourth-highest card against a no-trump contract.

What should you lead in a suit contract?

Opening Leads Against a Suit Contract.

  • Good Leads (will usually develop tricks for your side):
  • Lead a suit that partner has bid.
  • Lead a trump when you think declarer will ruff losers.
  • Lead the top of touching honors.
  • Lead a singleton.
  • With 4 trump (or knowing that partner has 4 trump), lead your longest suit.
  • What do you lead in an Acol Bridge?

    Avoid leading Kx, or Qx (unless this is partner’s suit), but if you have to, do lead the honour. An exception is where both cards in the doubleton are touching honours eg. AK, or QJ. It is standard practise to lead the lower card, followed by the higher one.

    What does never Underlead an ace mean?

    We NEVER lead a low card from a suit in which we have an unsupported ace or an unsupported king. This is called “underleading”. You will hear bridge players say: “We never underlead an ace”. ‘Unsupported’ means not having the next honour below. So an unsupported ace is where you do not have the king in the same suit.

    Can you pass a takeout double?

    You must not pass the takeout double, no matter how horrible your hand. The usual strategy is to bid your longest suit (other than the suit the opponent bid). After you bid 2 , partner is expected to pass.

    Should you lead an ace in bridge?

    In terms of whether the ace is a safe lead, what you have with the ace is important. The longer and weaker the suit, safer the lead. If you lead the ace from A-6-5-4-3-2, it is unlikely to cost a trick even if declarer does have the king. By contrast, a lead from A-Q-x is often going to cost when declarer has the king.

    Can you lead away from a king in bridge?

    Leading an unsupported King or Queen is sending him or her to the slaughter house. You should not lead an honor unless you have the next lower one. This can be an acceptable lead if you have 2 cards in a suit that partner has bid, an honor card and a low one.

    What is the difference between a takeout double and a penalty double?

    A typical treatment is that a double up to the level of 4♥ is takeout, while doubles on higher levels are for penalties or “cooperative” (i.e. the partner is supposed to pass unless his distribution and/or strength indicates that playing a contract of their own on a higher level is a better prospect).

    Can you open with a double in bridge?

    MODERN APPROACH: SOME OTHER DOUBLES ARE NOT FOR PENALTIES When the next player has a reasonable hand but no long suit, it can often be beneficial to suggest this sort of holding by means of a takeout double. Furthermore, there is no real need for a penalty double of an opening bid of one of a suit.

    What do I lead against a notrump contract?

    When you are on defense you should develop a defensive plan just as you do when you are the declarer playing the contract. The opening lead is the first part of a defensive plan. What do I lead against a NoTrump Contract?

    Do you lead the suit on the second round of notrump?

    After a suit has been led, it is important to lead the suit correctly on the second round. This applies whether you are returning partner’s suit or continuing your own suit. If you originally held four or more cards, lead your original fourth-best or the lowest card of a remaining honor sequence.

    Do you return partner’s opening lead in notrump?

    Do not routinely return partner’s opening lead, especially if it is likely to be a weak suit. South captures East’s J with the ace and leads the 2; five, queen, king.

    What happens if East wins the a in notrump?

    East wins the A and returns the nine; 10, jack. It is apparent to West that South holds the guarded queen so it is desirable to shift to another suit. But which suit? West should reason this way: If East holds the A, the contract will always be set so that shift is not urgent.