What were the 4 Intolerable Acts and what did they do?

The four acts were (1) the Boston Port Bill, which closed Boston Harbor; (2) the Massachusetts Government Act, which replaced the elective local government with an appointive one and increased the powers of the military governor; (3) the Administration of Justice Act, which allowed British officials charged with …

What were the names of the 5 Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable Acts

  • The Intolerable Acts.
  • Boston Port Act.
  • Administration of Justice Act.
  • Massachusetts Government Act.
  • Quartering Act.
  • Quebec Act.

What were the Intolerable Acts simple?

The Intolerable Acts are laws passed by the Parliament of Great Britain in 1774. The British Parliament passed these laws to punish the Massachusetts colony for the Boston Tea Party. One of the laws closed Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the destroyed tea.

Why were the Intolerable Acts so important?

Parliament replied to the “Boston Tea Party” with the five Coercive Acts of 1774. The colonists dubbed them the “Intolerable Acts.” They were an important factor contributing to the American Revolution. Colonists felt that this legislation violated their rights as Englishmen and their Natural Rights as human beings.

What did the Intolerable Acts lead to?

The Intolerable Acts were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament in the mid-1770s. The British instated the acts to make an example of the colonies after the Boston Tea Party, and the outrage they caused became the major push that led to the outbreak American Revolution in 1775.

Why did the colonists hate the Intolerable Acts?

The colonists were not happy with having the acts put on them. They felt it was a violation of their rights. Most colonists decided not to listen the rules. Many people even decided to boycott British goods, but a lot of them were afraid to stand up in front of British Parliament.

What was the date of the intolerable act?

June 2, 1774
This law was passed on June 2, 1774. Like the previous Quartering Act, the new law allowed a colonial governor to house British soldiers in unoccupied houses and barns.

What was the fifth intolerable act?

The Quebec Act
Act 5: The Quebec Act The fifth of the Intolerable Acts expanded the British Canadian territory into Ohio Valley. The Quebec Province became a Catholic province and it angered a lot of American colonists. The Quebec Act was not in response to the Boston Tea Party, but was passed at the same time.

What was one effect of the Intolerable Acts?

As a result of the Intolerable Acts, even more colonists turned against British rule. Great Britain hoped that the Intolerable Acts would isolate radicals in Massachusetts and cause American colonists to concede the authority of Parliament over their elected assemblies.

Why did the colonists fear the Intolerable Acts?

The colonists opposed to this act because once again they passed a tax law without their consent. Series of laws, known in Britain as the Coercive Acts, meant to punish Massachusetts and clamp down on resistance in other colonies.

Why did the colonists not like the Intolerable Acts?

What did the colonist do about the Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable Acts were aimed at isolating Boston, the seat of the most radical anti-British sentiment, from the other colonies. Colonists responded to the Intolerable Acts with a show of unity, convening the First Continental Congress to discuss and negotiate a unified approach to the British.