What was Wirt dressed up as in over the garden wall?

Greg, who’s apparently been out trick-or-treating alone (ah, the days before 9/11) and we finally learn what he was dressed as: an elephant.

What does the beast represent in over the garden wall?

The Beast is the main antagonist of Over the Garden Wall. He is the monster of The Unknown and is feared throughout it. His goal is to catch the brothers, Wirt and Gregory, and turn them into Edelwood trees in order to fuel his lantern….

Weight ?
Eye color White
Character Type
Position Evil

What is Greg’s costume in over the garden wall?

Greg wears a teapot on his head in Over the Garden Wall.

Is Sara from over the garden wall black?

Cartoon Network Studios: Over the Garden Wall Character Sheet. Her ethnicity is unknown, but it is most likely African American. She appears to have dark brown skin, judging by the tone of her hands and neck as well as her face (the latter of which is shown in the comic series).

What is Wirt’s real name?

In one of concept art Wirt’s original name was Walter. This may be unintentional, but his name makes a pun out of the phrase ‘Worry Wart’, aptly capturing Wirt’s disposition. The cape he wears is a WWII nurse cape. Wirt’s hat is made from what looks like a Santa hat with the fuzz cut off.

Is Over the Garden Wall creepy?

Over the Garden Wall isn’t necessarily scary, but it is creepy. As each story progresses, fear for our simple protagonists grows, but the source of the danger is always shifting.

Why is Over the Garden Wall so good?

As the practice becomes less and less common, works that employ traditional animation are refreshing, and Over the Garden Wall is no exception. Its simplistic design provides viewers with a sense of nostalgia, while its subdued color palette and vignette style give the impression of a classic cartoon with modern flair.

Is everyone in Over the Garden Wall dead?

Although the Pottsfield episode is the most conspicuously death positive of them all, every single chapter of Over the Garden Wall touches on the subject of death in one way or another.

What age is Over the Garden Wall for?

Definitely not for younger kids. I’d say 10+. Chapter 10 is probably the most intense and sad episode.

What is Wirt and Greg’s last name?

Greg has given the frog many names, including “Kitty”, “Wirt”, “George Washington”, “Benjamin Franklin”, “Dr. Cucumber”, and “Greg Jr.” until ultimately deciding on “Jason Funderburker”.

Did Beatrice have a crush on Wirt?

After finding a secret passage out of the armoire, Beatrice admits she was once a human cursed to become a bluebird with the rest of her family. Also, Wirt admits she had a crush on a girl and secretly enjoys the clarinet and poetry.

What does the ending of over the garden wall mean?

To save Greg from being hit by a train, Wirt pulled him into a nearby pond, knocking them both unconscious in the process and sending them to a Limbo-like realm between life and death. In the final episode, Wirt saves Greg from being turned into an Edelwood tree by the Beast.