What was the biggest Broadway flop?

These Were The Biggest Flops In Broadway History

  • Carrie was a bloody disaster.
  • Into the Light qucikly went dark.
  • Glory Days for just one night.
  • Not even the king could save Home Sweet Homer.
  • Few wanted anybody to Bring Back Birdie.
  • Via Galactica was totally far out.
  • Dance a Little Closer was a musical about nuclear war.

What is the highest grossing musical in the West End?

The Lion King
Broadway revenue (since 1982)

Rank Musical Gross revenue (US$)
1 The Lion King $1,657,407,012
2 Wicked $1,345,482,298
3 The Phantom of the Opera $1,241,017,579

How much does it cost to produce a West End musical?

The Financial Times estimated that the total weekly costs of a top musical are £150,000-£250,000. And most musicals spend years in development. The Stage estimated that the budget for the Broadway production of Groundhog Day – not a Lloyd Webber production – was $18m (£14m).

What musicals were financial failures?

Here are ten musicals that were spectacular flops in their Broadway debuts.

  • Pipe Dream (1955)
  • Kelly (1965)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1966)
  • Via Galactica (1972)
  • The Rocky Horror Show (1975)
  • Bring Back Birdie (1981)
  • Into the Light (1986)
  • Carrie (1988)

What is the biggest Broadway Theatre?

Gershwin Theatre
The largest of the Broadway theaters is the 1933-seat Gershwin Theatre, while the smallest is the 597-seat Hayes Theater….Active Broadway theaters.

Theater former name(s) Gershwin Theatre Uris Theatre (1972–1983)
Opened 1972
Capacity 1933
Productions Longest run Wicked
Current Wicked

Why did Tuck Everlasting fail?

An Average 33.72% of Its Gross Potential. While many shows have difficulty finding their footing, Tuck Everlasting was cursed with a particular blend of misfortunes: poor reviews, lackluster awards recognition, and middling box office.

Who was the lyricist for rent?

Jonathan Larson
Billy Aronson

How much does Lin Manuel Miranda make off of Hamilton?

By far, Miranda’s largest paycheck has come from “Hamilton: An American Musical.” As one of the original cast members, not to mention the writer, composer and lyricist for the show, Miranda earned $6.4 million annually while starring as Alexander Hamilton on Broadway.

How do West End Theatres make money?

‘ A spokesperson from the Society of London Theatre points to a surge in regional theatre and increasing co-operation between the subsidised sector (such as the National) and commercial West End theatres, meaning shows such as Jamie (which started in Sheffield) have had all potential floppiness smoothed out by the time …

How much does it cost to produce a theatre show?

A typical production budget for a Broadway musical will fall anywhere from $8-12 million, while a play might cost $3-6 million and a fairly lavish off-Broadway musical might capitalize at $2 million.

What was the biggest flop in West End history?

Oscar Wilde: The Musical – Opened 19 April 2004, Closed 20 April 2004 The award for biggest West End flop of all time goes to former DJ Mike Read. Oscar Wilde: The Musical opened on Tuesday 19 April and closed the following day following awful reviews and total ticket sales for that night of one.

When does the off West End show start?

The Off West End Show Starts in December OffWestEnd and The Offies are proudly sponsored by… OffWestEnd encompasses over 100 independent, alternative and fringe theatre venues across Greater London.

What was the name of the musical that was a flop?

A year after Pipe Dream, another major musical theater composer had similar rotten luck: Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, adapted from Voltaire’s satiric novella, lasted only 73 performances in its original run. However, that flop had the rare distinction of going on to become a hit. When revived in 1973, Candide ran for 740 performances.

Who are the producers of the off West End Awards?

With Daniel Ward & Katy Lipson Tom previews the upcoming Off West End awards on 21st February, and chats to creator of nominated The Canary and the Crow, Daniel Ward, as well as multi-nominated producer and founder of Aria Entertainment Katy Lipson.