What should I wear to FSU graduation?

You must wear full academic regalia to participate in the commencement ceremony! All students are required to wear our new, customized regalia available exclusively through the FSU Bookstore and online through Herff Jones.

Is FSU graduation in person 2021?

Florida State University will hold in-person commencement ceremonies for its Spring 2021 graduates, President John Thrasher announced Thursday. “This has been an extraordinary year in many ways, and I’ve been so impressed by your resilience and flexibility,” Thrasher wrote in a letter to graduates.

What day is FSU graduation 2021?

July 30, 2021
Commencement Ceremony July 30, 2021: 7:00 p.m.

How long does FSU graduation last?

The ceremony will last about an hour and a half.

How many tickets do you get for FSU graduation?

eight guest tickets
Each graduate participating in the ceremonies will receive eight guest tickets. More details on obtaining your tickets will be released closer to the ceremony. Extra tickets will not be available.

Is FSU graduation Cancelled?

After cancellation last year, 2020 FSU grads get their chance to walk in May graduation ceremony. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the university to cancel traditional ceremonies last year and make the pomp and circumstance virtual.

What is the graduation date for 2023?

May 12, 2023
2022-2023 Academic Calendar

Spring 2023
Reading Day – no classes or finals May 4, 2023
Final examinations May 5-11, 2023
Commencement May 12, 2023
Degree award date for students completing by close of Spring Semester May 12, 2023

Will my graduation happen in 2021?

Following the disappointment that we could not host graduation ceremonies in 2020 and in early 2021, we’re delighted to announce that the University intends to hold in-person graduation ceremonies for students again.

Is FSU having in person graduation?

Will FSU graduation be live streamed?

Graduation webcast. If your student has extended family and friends looking forward to viewing their graduation, FSU will also be providing a live webcast for those who are not able to attend. This option is great for family members or friends who aren’t able to travel or attend your student’s ceremony in person.

What year is Class of 2023 born?

In most cases, these students were born in 2005. Set to graduate in 2023, your class will have four full high school years to benefit from the new programs at College Planning TODAY Services.

What month does Class of 2024 graduate?

What is the graduation date for 2024?

Commencement Ceremony Date
Fall 2022 Saturday, December 17
Spring 2023 Friday, May 5, and Saturday, May 6
Fall 2023 Saturday, December 16
Spring 2024 Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4