What really happened to Roman Atwood?

Roman Atwood mysteriously disappeared from the internet in January 2020 and left viewers of his daily vlogs without an explanation. In 2019, he took a break from uploading videos, but returned to his daily vlogs until 31 December 2019.

Why did Roman Atwood stopped vlogging 2020?

“We’ve been dealing with some extremely scary stalkers,” Roman said in the “Forced Off YouTube” video. The vlogger said that these stalkers would call his phone with harassing messages “24/7.” He also claimed that the stalkers called in a bomb threat to his family member’s funeral.

Did Brittney Atwood have her baby 2021?

On July 16, 2017 Smith gave birth to a girl named Cora . On April 30, 2018, Roman proposed to Smith and she said yes. Atwood and Smith got married on July 27, 2018. Their fourth baby was born on January 6, 2021.

Who is Roman atwoods son?

Noah Vaughn Atwood
Knox AtwoodKane Alexander Atwood
Roman Atwood/Sons

How old is Roman Atwood?

38 years (May 28, 1983)
Roman Atwood/Age

How much does Roman Atwood make?

In recent times, Atwood was making around $550 every day or $200,000 a year for his pranking channel. For his vlogging channel which has amassed a total of over 4.7 billion views and obtains about 2.5 million hits a day, Atwood may earn around $5,400 a day or $2million a year just from YouTube advertising.

How old is Noah Atwood?

16 years (October 18, 2004)
Noah Vaughn Atwood/Age

Did Roman Atwood have the baby?

Roman Atwood has returned to social media with a wonderful update — his wife gave birth to their third child together. The 37-year-old YouTube star has been on and off social media, including his YouTube channel amid a private challenge that is suspected to be a legal battle in relation to his company, Smile More.

What age did Roman Atwood have Noah?

Noah Atwood Wiki

Noah Atwood Wiki/Bio
Nick Name Noah
Famous As Son of Roman Atwood and his ex-wife Shanna Janette Atwood
Age 15-years old
Birthday October 18, 2004

What is Roman at Woods net worth?

Roman Atwood net worth and salary: Roman Atwood is an American comedian, prankster, and vlogger who has a net worth of $14.5 million. Roman Atwood was born in Millersport, Ohio in May 1983….Roman Atwood Net Worth.

Net Worth: $14.5 Million
Profession: Comedian
Nationality: United States of America

Is Roman Atwood rich?

Roman Atwood is best described as a YouTube personality who specialises in pranks. Most know him for his funny vlogs, where he updates viewers on his life and his hidden camera public prank videos. These prank videos are audacious and risky. Today, Atwood is estimated to have generated a net worth of about $12 million.

Did Roman Atwood get in trouble?

In March 2014, Roman, along with his accomplices, were arrested by the Columbus Police Department for inducing panic and disorderly conduct during the filming of a prank where he pretended to rob an ATM in public. He was released on bail and was summoned to court.