What nationality is the last name Mizell?

The surname Mizell was first found in Austria, where the family was anciently associated with the political and religious conflicts of the area. They declared allegiances to many nobles and princes of early history, lending their influence in struggles for power and status within the region.

What is the most common surname in Belgium?

Most common family names in 2021 – Belgium and the Regions (top 10)

Belgium Walloon Region
1 Peeters Dubois
2 Janssens Lambert
3 Maes Martin
4 Jacobs Dupont

What are the surnames in Belgium?

Most Common Last Names In Belgium

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Peeters 41,260
2 Janssens 37,577
3 Maes 31,907
4 Jacobs 25,300

What is my surname?

Your surname is your family name. It’s also called your “last name.” When filling out applications, type your surname as it appears on your passport, travel or identity document.

What kind of name is Mizell?

The name Mizell is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Wood Cutter.

Where does the name Rodda come from?

Rodda is a British surname, possibly derived from the Old English word roda, meaning “forest clearing/open space”, or from the town in Herefordshire named Rodd. An alternative derivation is found in Cornwall and amongst the Cornish diaspora.

What’s the most common surname in UK?

Smith – the most popular surname in the UK Despite being the most common of the British surnames derived from an occupation, Smith is not the only one. Taylor (taken from the occupational name tailor) is used by 250,780 people in the UK.

Who is the most famous Belgian?

Top 10 Famous Belgian people

  1. René Magritte – Painter.
  2. Eddy Merckx – Professional Cyclist.
  3. Adolphe Sax – Musical instrument designer.
  4. Georges Remi Hergé – Animation creator.
  5. Romelu Lukaku – Professional Footballer.
  6. Stromae – Musician.
  7. Carlota of Mexico – Empress.
  8. Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy – Political Figure.

What is the most common surname in the Netherlands?

Top 10 most common Dutch surnames

  1. De Jong. (86,534 in 2007) De Jong in 2007.
  2. Jansen. (75,698 in 2007) Jansen in 2007.
  3. De Vries. (73,152 in 2007) De Vries in 2007.
  4. Van de Berg / van den Berg / van der Berg. (60,135 in 2007)
  5. Van Dijk. (57,879 in 2007)
  6. Bakker. (56,864 in 2007)
  7. Janssen. (55,394 in 2007)
  8. Visser. (50,929 in 2007)

Is surname compulsory in passport?

You must furnish your full name as you want it to appear on your passport.