What nationality is Enrico Macias?

Enrico Macias/Nationality

Gaston Ghrenassia (born 11 December 1938), known by his stage name Enrico Macias French pronunciation: ​[ɛn. ʁi. ko.ma’sjas], is an Algerian-French singer, songwriter and musician of Algerian Jewish descent.

How old is Enrico Macias?

82 years (December 11, 1938)
Enrico Macias/Age

Who composed Zingarella?


LYRICS hebrew: Sarit Bar Ness
MUSIC folk – Yugoslavian
SINGER The Psagot Band Ajda Pekkan Enrico Macias 1988
CD Banu La’asot Sameach 1994 Track 10

How tall is Macias?

5′ 9″
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How old was Enrico Macias when he started playing guitar?

Born Gaston Ghrenassia in Constantine, Algeria, on December 11, 1938, he was the product of a Jewish family and at 15 made his professional debut as a guitarist with malouf master Cheikh Raymond Leyris ‘ orchestra. Though something of a child prodigy, Ghrenassia later turned his back on music to begin a new career as a schoolteacher.

Which is the best biography of Enrico Macias?

1 1983: Deux ailes et trois plumes 2 1984: Générosité 3 1987: Enrico 4 1989: Le vent du sud 5 1991: Enrico 6 1992: Mon chanteur préferé 7 1993: Suzy 8 1994: La France de mon enfance 9 1995: Et Johnny Chante L’amour 10 1999: Aie Aie Aie Je T’Aime

How many children did Enrico Macias have in Algeria?

He has never been permitted to return to Algeria since he left in 1961. Enrico is a widower. His wife Suzy Leyris died on 23 December 2008. His 1993 album Suzy is dedicated to her. He has a daughter Jocya Macias and his son, Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, is a well-known music producer as well.

When did Enrico Macias record Adieu mon pays?

The result was the recording of “Adieu mon pays” which he had composed for his beloved Algeria on the boat on his way to France. He appeared on French television and became an overnight sensation. This led to a first tour in 1963 as a second act with Paola and Billy Bridge. His daughter, Jocya, was also born that year.