What medical conditions prevent you from adopting?

Certain medical or psychological conditions can also negatively affect the status of an adoption application. Conditions that reflect negatively on an applicant include chronic conditions such as diabetes or AIDS, or life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

Who is considered a medically fragile child?

A child is defined as “medically fragile” when, due to abuse or neglect, illness, congenital disorder or brain injury, he/she requires medications, treatments and/or specialized care or equipment.

Can you adopt a child with disabilities?

Having a disability does not exclude people from becoming adopters and it is widely recognised that people with disabilities can often provide a very loving home for a child. Disability is only one of the many issues that we will consider so don’t rule yourself out.

Is it easier to adopt a special needs child?

Children with special needs are typically harder to place for adoption than other children, but experience has shown that many children with special needs can be placed successfully with families who want them.

Do you have to be healthy to adopt?

As part of the adoption assessment process, you will be required to have a health assessment. Adoption agencies need to check whether there are any physical or mental health issues that might affect your ability to provide a safe, stable and loving home until a child reaches adulthood and, ideally, beyond.

Will depression stop me from adopting?

Can I adopt if I have a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety? Conditions such as depression or anxiety are not necessarily a barrier to adoption depending on your own personal history.

Are newborns medically fragile?

“A medically fragile child, including newborns, may be a child who requires round-the-clock nursing care due to one or more complex medical conditions,” Rahul Gupta, M.D., MPH, MBA, Chief Medical & Health Officer for the March of Dimes, tells Romper.

How do you care for a medically fragile child?

Medically fragile children sometimes need medical equipment to keep them alive. Some may require a skilled nurse to monitor their heart rate or breathing constantly. Others need to be hooked to a ventilator or be fed intravenously. They may need continuous physical therapy, a urinary catheter, or orthotics.

What is the youngest child you can adopt?

As children placed for adoption are usually not babies, adoption agencies may prefer that your youngest child is nearer 3 or 4 years of age or older, before you make an application.

Can I adopt if I have mental illness?

Yes, you can! Having a disability does not prevent you from becoming an adoptive parent, as long as you can meet the needs of the children waiting to be adopted.